URGENT: Schools Now Teaching 5 Pillars Of Islam… Children FORCED To Write ‘Allah Is The Only God’



Parents- GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL! I say this because many of these schools have liberal teachers that are brainwashing our kids! For example, in Tennessee some teachers are forcing the kids to study ISLAM! You might say, so what? They also study Christianity. NO- these libs are totally ignoring CHRISTIANITY! Unbelievable!

Now, I learned about Christianity at church. I went to Sunday school every Sunday. My mother was a Sunday school teacher and played the organ during the services. I was in church choir. I was in several youth programs and attended VBS (Vacation Bible School) during the summer as well as went to Christian summer camps at Hume Lake in California. I have very fond memories of those days. And look at me! I came out perfect lol! Just kidding, but I am a good American I assure you. Anyways…

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Why are schools teaching about some fake God that condones killing all infidels anyways? Like I said, yank your youngsters out before they turn into Jihads!

A photograph of one of the assignments shows one child’s disapproval:

A photograph of one of the assignments shows one child’s disapproval:

This is from Trey Sanchez at Truth Revolt:

Parents at a middle school in Spring Hill, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, are upset that their children have spent three weeks studying Islam and were assigned to write the Shahada profession of the Islamic faith: “Allah is the only god.” Making the situation worse, parents said the teacher skipped over the section on Christianity.

Though the parents understand that a thorough study of history will undoubtedly cover religions from all over the world, they don’t understand why so much time is being spent on this one. Plus, the class is delving into learning the specifics of the Five Pillars of Islam and thus causing parents to wonder if that constitutes teaching religion in schools.

A concerned parent named Julie Commander Mauck took her complaints directly to Facebook:

Sent this to the teacher this morning…

Posted by Julie Commander Mauck on Thursday, September 3, 2015

“From a religion point of view, if the schools are going to be teaching religion in history, they need to teach them all equally,” parent Brandee Porterfield told The Columbia Daily Herald. “For them to spend three weeks on Islam after having skipped Christianity, it seems to be that they are making a choice about which religion to discuss.”

Another parent, Joy Ellis, said she was aware her child was studying Islam but as far as having to write the Shahada, she said, “To me, a Christian child should not be made to write that.”

“I honestly don’t want my child learning about Islam at all, but if they’ve got to learn about it, I would like for them to learn about the historical aspects of it and definitely nothing about the religion. I don’t want her writing ‘Allah is the only god,’” Ellis said.


But according to school officials, the class is just following Tennessee state standards adopted by Gov. Bill Haslem. Though he signed a bill against Common Core in May, the new TN Core standards are said to be very similar to the controversial curriculum.

The middle school supervisor for Maury County Public Schools Dr. Jan Hanvey stated that these topics have been covered in the area schools for 31 years and said that the three weeks of study doesn’t only focus on the religion but the culture, economics, geography and government around the religion. She assures that only one day is spent talking about Islam and students will also get to Buddhism and Hinduism later on.

Ummm. LIAR! YOU’RE FIRED! What in the hell are you thinking lady? Muslims HATE THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF US YOU BRAINDEAD LIBERAL MORON!

Hanvey also stated that the chapter on Christianity wasn’t skipped intentionally, but put off for another time, when the history class will study America and the Age of Exploration.


Hanvey blames recent events for causing the public to “fear” Islam, much like the way, she said, people feared the Japanese during World War II. “It’s hard to separate religion from history,” Hanvey said. “It’s teaching about religion. We are not trying to convert.”

Well, when you have Islamist scumbags cutting off heads, burning people alive, raping babies and whatever else they do then, if you want to label it as fear then go ahead. It’s actually that we absolutely detest these savages. And we certainly don’t want our kids kneeling on filthy rugs mumbling some Islamic satanic crap and praying to a pedophile.

In a statement, Spring Hill Middle School Principal Shanda Sparrow acknowledged that perhaps the school did “not do the best job” in warning parents of sensitive subjects that their children were scheduled to learn. To promote an “open dialogue,” a parent-teacher meeting is set up for later in September to address the concern.

I would love to attend that meeting. Actually, I am better off not going anywhere near these idiots.


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