BREAKING: US Air Force Just Deployed B-52 Bombers To Middle East… Here’s What We Know

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Officials are reporting that the U.S. Air Force has deployed B-52 long-range bombers to the Middle East for the first time since the Gulf war ended over 25 years ago to begin striking the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The U.S. Air Force Central Command said in a statement that an unknown number of B-52s will be based at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. The U.S.-led coalition’s Combined Air and Space Operations Center (CAOC) responsible for running the air war against ISIS is also based there, FOX reports.

“The B-52 will provide the Coalition continued precision and deliver desired airpower effects,” said Lt. Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., commander, U.S. Air Forces Central Command and Combined Forces Air Component.

Lt. Brown also indicated the B-52 bombers could be ready to bomb elsewhere in the Middle East should the need arise.

The announcement comes a day after Secretary of State John Kerry vowed to “turn up the pressure further” against ISIS during an unannounced visit to Baghdad Friday to meet with Iraqi’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as well as Kurdish and Sunni leaders.

We’ll see if Obama will allow our military to do what they do best- destroy the enemy.

We ask the Lord to watch over our brave men and women and to keep them safe.

God Bless.


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