US Commission On Civil Rights SLAMS White Patriots- Refuses to Condemn ANTIFA Violence


While the leftist led U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was very quick to condemn the actions the so-called “alt-right” speaking out against white supremacy regarding the violence in Charlottesville, Virgina.  Yet despite live footage depicting the violence of the far-left militant communist group Antifa, no condemnation was forthcoming.


In fact, the commission voted on whether to include Antifa in the official commission statement and no less than 4 Democratic commissioners voted “no.”  The lone voice of reason in the discussion was the Republican that made the original proposal to include Antifa in the first place – Gail Hariot, along with the Republican who seconded the proposal, Peter Kirsanow.

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Hariot stated in her proposal to add Antifa to the official statement from the Commission condemning the acts of violence from BOTH factions –


“Though we support peaceful protest and note that most of the counter-demonstrators were peaceful, we condemn violence by anyone, including violence by so-called Antifa demonstrators. 

During the ill-fated Weimar Republic, gangs of Nazi thugs frequently battled gangs of Communist thugs in the streets. Many German citizens were disinclined to condemn the Nazis, because they thought they posed a lesser threat than the Communists. That turned out to be wrong. And while the United States is nowhere near the level of street fighting and political disorder that characterized Germany at that time, the right way to deal with battling political thugs is to condemn them both.”


Commissioner Kirsanow added to Hariot’s historical example of just how dangerous it would be to refuse to condemn the violent actions of Antifa as well, stating –

“The Commission dishonors its legacy by condemning violence only when it’s committed by disfavored groups. By refusing to condemn Antifa’s violence, the Commission’s majority sanctions beatings and other violent conduct—provided it’s politically correct.”

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Some believe that the principle of equal protection under the law is “under attack” and that America is engaging in identity politics to a degree that it is poisonous.  Horrific things have happened under the guise of this type of rhetoric. It can only end badly if we are unable to reverse the dangerous trend and seek to be unbiased and equitable in our condemnation of violence.

The official statement from the Commission reads in part –

 “White supremacy and religious intolerance dishonor national commitments we have forged over time – that is they demean America and Americans, and violence in the name of these ideologies must be met swiftly and forcefully with condemnation and an unwavering and unified response. Chair Catherine E. Lhamon said: ‘Every American deserves to live confident in the expectation that his and her equal dignity will be respected and receive protection from government agencies. Last week’s violence, driven by racial animus, degrades our nation and merits swift, aggressive, and comprehensive federal response.'”

It is interesting to note that RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE was included in the Human Rights Commission and their condemnation the actions of the white supremacists, KKK, and white nationalist groups in Charlottesville, yet the violence had little to nothing to do with religion. It makes one wonder if this road leads to a later condemnation of Christianity as well? It is food for thought and some believe the removal of our history in the form of monuments and statues is simply a portent of things to come with book burnings, Bible bans, and church razings on the horizon.

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