BREAKING: Defense Officials Admit There’s Actually NO Official US Evacuation Plan For Americans TRAPPED In Afghanistan

American lives are never supposed to be left behind enemy lines, someone needs to tell that to the current radical left administration.  Can you imagine being in Kabul or somewhere else in Afghanistan and all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a Taliban takeover and your nation does zero to help you?

That is the very scenario that over 10,000 Americans currently find themselves in and as far as they know, no rescue is coming for them.  The Taliban are the true terrorists that are fierce fighters who believe in Islam and Sharia so fiercely that they are willing to die for their cause every single day.


The Taliban is notorious for cruelty and executions and yet Biden and the rest of the puppets in the administration do not care enough to be bothered to go rescue the stranded Americans.

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When Biden was pressed on whether he thought the departure of American forces could have been handled better, he said no.


“The idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens,” he said.


What a freaking idiot.


The U.S. has no plans to evacuate Americans in Afghanistan who are located outside Kabul, according to a Fox News report.

Officials from various departments — including State and Defense — informed Senate staffers at a Tuesday morning briefing admitted that they do not know of a way to get those Americans through Taliban checkpoints located outside Kabul, the location of the main airport, The Washington Post reported, citing two Senate aides.

Neither the State Department nor the Defense Department immediately responded to after-hours requests for comment from Fox News.


Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton’s office set up a hotline for Americans — including those who are essentially “trapped behind Taliban lines,” The Military Times reported.

“The situation is dire,” the Arkansas Republican said. “But we’ll do everything in our power to help keep you informed and to help get you out.”

A former State Department contractor told Fox News that Taliban fighters have also established checkpoints throughout Kabul and around the airport. Some, the source said, have been beating people on the way to the airport.

The Taliban has been going door-to-door and finding journalists and Americans and American supporters, they have been making note of who is who and telling them they will be back.  All the while they are asking for women and children to come forward and they “promise” no harm will come to them.  Is anyone believes terrorists and is willing to take them at their word?

The Taliban has been chanting “Death To America” as reported by another Breitbart Report:

Ward then translated an interview with a commander of the Taliban who told her that “everything is under control and that America needs to “leave” Afghanistan.

“‘Everything is under control. Everything will be fine,’ the commander says. ‘Nobody should worry,’” she reported.

“What’s your message to America right now?” Ward asked the commander.

“‘America already spent enough time in Afghanistan,’” she quoted him as saying. “‘They need to leave,’ he tells us. ‘They already lost lots of lives and lots of money.’”

CNN showed a clip of members of the Taliban holding guns up in the air and chanting.

“They’re just chanting, ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time,” Ward advised. “It’s utterly bizarre.”

Only a CNN reporter could say that the Taliban “seem friendly”.  That’s a special kind of stupid right there.

The Biden administration has already stated that they intend on letting the Taliban create their own new government and will not interfere.  What in the hell has the past 20 years of war been about then?  Biden is a coward and a traitor!

Fox reports that the precise number of Americans outside Kabul was not immediately clear but up to 15,000 may still be in Afghanistan, the Post reported. The Taliban has been on the offensive across the country for weeks. At a news briefing later Tuesday, Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, told reporters that the Taliban expressed a willingness to provide “safe passage of civilians to the airport,” the report said.

The U.S. was going to hold the Taliban to that promise, he added.

Sullivan was asked by a CBS reporter if U.S. troops will be pulled from Afghanistan before all Americans and Afghan allies are out. He said he would not comment on hypotheticals.

Sullivan did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News.

He tweeted on Tuesday: “When I was asked about whether we’re going to get all Americans out of Afghanistan I said “that’s what we intend to do” and that’s exactly what we’ll do, and are accomplishing right now with HKIA re-opened and operational, thanks to the incredible work of our troops and diplomats.

The State Department on Tuesday told American citizens and others looking to get out of Afghanistan that they should “shelter in place” until they are given further instruction by the U.S. Embassy amid a fragile security situation in the Afghan capital.

“Our message remains for American citizens and for others who have expressed interest in relocation out of Afghanistan: shelter in place until and unless you receive a communication from the U.S. embassy,” spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

The U.S. embassy was evacuated and is now occupied by Taliban fighters who have already looted all the firearms and whatever else they wanted.

We have the means, the military might and the warfighters who are willing to go in and get our people, yet Biden went back on vacation and cannot be bothered about something as petty as American lives.  Let that sink in…

Welcome to full blown Marxism…



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