UNREAL: USA Volleyball Just ROBBED REAL Women After SICK ‘First’ With Transgender Player


The world around us is going insane.

First, the left demanded we be accepting of the homosexual crowd, arguing that they haven’t a choice in how they feel. We accepted, and now homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else.


Then, the left demanded that we be accepting of men in dresses and allow them to use the women’s bathroom. People didn’t take to that issue too kindly, and that debate is raging on to this day.

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But now, the left is demanding that we not only be accepting of men in dresses using the women’s bathrooms, but that we let the same men compete in sports designated for biological females, and it’s actually happening.


Breitbart News is reporting that a male-to-female transgender volleyball player has been made eligible to play on the USA Women’s Volleyball Team, but that’s not even the craziest part.

Tia Thompson, who was born with a Johnson, decided at the age of 18 that he was going to inject himself with female growth hormones and grow himself a new pair of boobs. While that act alone isn’t newsworthy, the fact that Thompson, who still has the strength and physique of a male, thanks to his male chromosomes, is competing in women’s volleyball and dominating the sport, which isn’t shocking at all.


But what is shocking is now Thompson, who has a distinct physical advantage over his biological female teammates, isn’t just playing on the women’s volleyball team, he has a legit chance of competing in the summer Olympics against, you guessed it, other biological females.

More from Breitbart:

Thompson told NBC4, “It’s a touchy subject because volleyball is a main sport here. Because of my religious background with my dad’s side and my mom’s side, we didn’t speak of it, but we knew. As soon as I turned 18 and I moved out, I started transitioning and started taking hormones.”

That hormone therapy, among other things, made it possible for Thompson to obtain eligibility to compete as a woman:

USAV requires transgender women to undergo hormone replacement therapy consistently for at least one year — with proper documentation — and they also have to change their identification, like passports and birth certificates, to female. Before, some organizations, including the Olympics, would require trans athletes to have sex reassignment surgery.

“It took me three years to finally get approved with all the transitioning and all the hormone therapy and submitting all my paperwork to the gender committee,” Thompson told NBC4.

There’s so much wrong here it’s hard to even know where to begin.

First off, men are men, women are women, feelings don’t dictate either, and that’s about as “settled” as science can get. Secondly, allowing a biological male to compete against biological females isn’t only unfair, it places women in a clear and present danger of being physically harmed as the male body is much stronger and bulkier than a woman’s.

The last point I’ll make is this; once it catches on that transgender women are competing with biological women, and coaches and teams realize said transgenders have a distinct physical advantage over their female counterparts, how long do you think it will take the teams to start recruiting transgendered women specifically in order to have a clear advantage over other teams?

Once that happens, say goodbye to female sports as we know them.

As I said, the world around us is going insane.

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God Bless. 

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