VA Ordered To Pay $21 Million To Veteran… Our Warriors DESERVE The Best


It’s way past time to have our veterans treated with honor and dignity…


With so much horrible news that we report regarding the treatment of our VETERANS by the Veterans Administration including the harassment our good friend Brian Kolfage and so many others that have to deal with endless nightmares when it comes to the VA that we are pleased to do this story.

What veteran Michael Farley has gone through is totally inexcusable as you will see, but the fact that he is getting some sort of justice is definitely a good thing!

The United States was recently ordered to pay over $21 million to a veteran and his wife for damages from medical malpractice that led to a second stroke Veterans Affairs doctors failed to prevent.  The victim, veteran Michael Farley, was 78 years old and the funds will pay for the remainder of his care until his death.

Farley was seen at the Manchester VA Medical Center in New Hampshire. There, he was seen for symptoms of stroke, and he was given a series of tests. He was later seriously injured form a second stroke that could have been prevented had VA properly treated the first stroke.

VA failed to adhere to the standard of care required to treat the risk of the second stroke. He then suffered a second massive stroke. That stroke caused “locked-in” syndrome that severely limited his voluntary muscle movement.

After a four-day bench trial, the court found Veterans Affairs failed to adhere to standard medical practice. That failure caused a severity amount of harm and VA is now required to pay.

Thank God the court is wising up to VA’s continued medical failures. I used to think only VA Benefits was guilty of wrongdoing on a mass scale. I now realize VA Health Administration is more guilty than most of harming veterans and failing to hold negligent practitioners accountable.

I am giving this family a fat “hell yeah” for sticking it to VA for harming this veteran and hope all courts across the country are waking up to foolish VA medical practices that harm vets.

SOURCE: Janice Farley vs. United States of America

Benjamin Krause is the creator of the community, author of the Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans, and numerous other guides. 

Benjamin is an award winning investigative reporter, Veterans Law attorney, and a disabled veteran of the US Air Force, where he served in its Special Operations Command. After receiving an Honorable Discharge, Benjamin began his decade long fight for benefits after being lowballed with a 10% rating in 2002. During that fight, he received degrees from Northwestern University and  the University of Minnesota Law School while using VA Vocational Rehabilitation.

You can connect with Benjamin on  Google+,  Twitter,  Facebook and LinkedIn.

Again, we are happy to see justice of a sort being served. This man is enduring pain and suffering due to negligence and a basic lack of caring as well as not taking their duty and their patients seriously! We hope this is a lesson learned. God Bless…



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