Veteran Approaches ‘Hallowed’ War Memorial, Finds Utterly DISTURBING Scene


As we approach Memorial Day, it’s important for us to remember the many sacrifices made by our nation’s veterans over the years, but apparently some punks didn’t get the memo. A veteran went to visit a “hallowed” war memorial in Alabama, and upon his arrival, he discovered a truly disturbing scene.

Of course, thanks to years of progressive indoctrination in our schools, many people have lost respect for our nation and the heroes that protect our freedom, which is evident by what happened in Anniston, Alabama, where Anniston’s Centennial Memorial Park was visited by disrespectful idiots. According to WTVM 13, Ken Rollins with the state’s Board of Veteran’s affairs visited the park this week, and he made a disturbing discovery – for the second week in a row, vandals stole over 100 small American flags set out to honor the fallen.


Veteran Approaches ‘Hallowed’ War Memorial, Finds Utterly DISTURBING Scene

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“This is hallowed ground to me, it always has been,” said Rollins, who spent 12 years helping to build the memorial. “It’s no different than Arlington Cemetery. The things you wouldn’t do to your grandmama’s grave, we shouldn’t do here.”


Indeed. But apparently the ungrateful snots responsible were never taught to respect the people who defend their right to be so stupid.

Veteran Approaches ‘Hallowed’ War Memorial, Finds Utterly DISTURBING Scene



Naturally, Rollins found himself disgusted to discover that small flags lining the park were once again destroyed, only this time it was right before Memorial Day.

“I came up yesterday and they was all, no flags, no flags to be seen, just the big one flying,” he said. “And all the other flags, the sticks were broken and placed in a pile.”

“The flags nowhere to be found,” Rollins added.

Veteran Approaches ‘Hallowed’ War Memorial, Finds Utterly DISTURBING Scene

Undeterred by the punk vandals, Rollins said that for Memorial Day he’s going to ensure that our nation’s heroes are honored in a very public manner.

“Memorial Day, I think you’re probably going to see more flags than you ever saw. I bet you people are going to bring them with them,” Rollins said.

As for the people responsible, Rollins has no idea. However, he did say he’s going to be working with local law enforcement to put up surveillance camera so they can hopefully catch the culprits next time around.

Then again, he’s also unsure if he actually wants to identify them – he said the thought of someone disrespecting veterans makes his blood boil.

“I always said if I’m around someone burning the flag, I’ve never been arrested, I’ve never had any kind of ticket, that would be my time, seeing someone do that,” Rollins said. “Shame on them, whoever they are. They have no idea what they’re doing. They really don’t.”

Actually, they do know what they’re doing, which is exactly why they’re doing it. After nearly eight years of our president disrespecting our soldiers combined with the contempt our military receives in public schools, there’s little question as to whether or not the people responsible for this have the same hatred for those brave enough to defend our freedom both here and abroad.

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God Bless.



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