BREAKING: Veterans Ready To STORM Dakota Access Pipeline… Here’s What We Know



Wes Clark Jr. is a 47-year-old writer, political commentator, and activist from California. He doesn’t fit the typical mold – he’s not a hippie or a tree hugger, nor is he a member of any Indian tribe.  What and who is he? He’s a former Army officer and organizer of a 3-day deployment of United States military veterans.  They are gathering veterans to #StandWithStandingRock at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in southern North Dakota to the site of an escalating standoff.


Proposed route for the Dakota Access Pipeline

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This has been a long tense situation between law enforcement backed private security contractors funded by Energy Transfer Partners and Native Americans that has lasted many months. The standoff has so far resulted in multiple injuries, more than 500 arrests, and a United Nations investigation of potential human rights abuses. Marine Corps veteran and former Baltimore police officer, Michael A. Woods, Jr. is joining him in the fight.


According to Business Insider –

dakota access pipeline protesters


Together the pair formed Veterans Stand For Standing Rock.  According to an “operations order” for the planned engagement, posted to social media in mid-November, “First Americans have served in the Unites States Military, defending the soil of our homelands, at a greater percentage than any other group of Americans. There is no other people more deserving of veteran support.” Their hope is to draw scores of veterans, along with firefighters, former law enforcement, emergency medical personnel and first responders, as well as others to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation for a three-day “deployment” of sorts in early December 2016.  The effort is to “prevent progress on the Dakota Access Pipeline and draw national attention to the human rights warriors of the Sioux tribes.” Both men state that they are prepared to take a bullet, rubber or otherwise, for a cause they believe should be of critical importance to any patriotic American.

Woods Jr.  believes in his oath, the oath he took to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.  He states, “This country is repressing our people. If we’re going to be heroes, if we’re really going to be those veterans that this country praises, well, then we need to do the things that we actually said we’re going to do when we took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.



The Dakota Access Pipeline is a controversial, 1,170-mile pipeline.  It’s a project that will ship an estimated 470,000 barrels of crude oil every day from North Dakota to Illinois, traveling through 4 states – North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois. From there other pipelines would reroute all over the country, essentially making the pipeline like a FedEx for oil to the various shipping ports and refineries. Native Americans have been protesting the building of the pipeline for more than 2 years but the intensity increased significantly in July 2016 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers granted the permits allowing this pipeline to cross under the Missouri River.  It will cross at a place called Lake Oahe, approximately half a mile from the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.

The protests boil down to two key reasons. The Standing Rock Sioux get their water from the Missouri River.  If there were to be an oil spill, leak, or some other environmental disaster, this would put their water supply at risk.  It is the only water supply they have. The second reason is that construction of the pipeline had dug up and will continue to dig up sacred archaeological and burial sites. The Standing Rock Sioux also state that they were never consulted by the Army Corps when they were investigating the pipeline. Another route proposed earlier that avoided native lands was ruled out in part because it posed a danger to drinking water. Yet Dakota Access continues to claim it is perfectly safe and there is no danger. I’m sure that what the people of Flint, Michigan were told as well.


Image result for sophia wilansky loses her arm

Sophia Wilansky’s arm after having a percussion grenade thrown at her. She lost her arm as a result.

The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation was originally established as part of the Great Sioux Reservation under Article 2 of the Treaty of Fort Laramie on April 29, 1868. In 1877, the U.S. government initiated the still ongoing process taking back what had been given and redividing the land it had granted to the people of the Lakota and Dakota nations.  There were significant reductions taking place in 1889 and then again during the 1950s and 1960s, when the Army Corps of Engineers built five large dams along the Missouri River.  This uprooted villages and sank some 200,000 acres of land below water. Because the Corps neglected to consult the Standing Rock Sioux, as it was required to do under the National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106). The Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Interior, and the American Council on Historic Preservation all criticized the assessment, but the project was eventually approved anyway. The decision was a major victory for Energy Transfer Partners, the Texas-based parent company of Dakota Access LLC.

The protests have been tense, turning violent at times. Security dogs have attacked and hurt protesters, including a pregnant woman and children, shooting rubber bullets, tear gas, and percussion grenades.  A woman named Sophia Wilansky lost her arm due to a percussion grenade being thrown directly at her.  Most recently water cannons are being used against people in 26°F/-3°C temperatures.  Over 200 injuries have been reported with 27 hospitalizations from known reports at this time.


Also, at least two journalists have been arrested on charges of rioting, though some of those charges have been dropped. But as the protests have intensified, and more outsiders, including members of more than 200 Native American tribes from across the North America, have become involved, Standing Rock has, for some, come to represent something much bigger than a struggle between a disenfranchised people and a government-backed, billion-dollar corporation. Yet the mainstream media ignores these atrocities.  If the leftist media actually went and reported ACTUAL news with the same ferocity with which they cling to these fictitious stories created in the dark recesses of their own minds, this pipeline would no longer be an issue and the American government would not be continuing to carry out atrocities against the Native American people in the same manner that they have been doing for generations.


God Bless.



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