Video Exposes Muslim Dad’s SICK Plan For 6-Year-Old Daughter And Goat

A video has recently been uploaded to the internet showing a Muslim man getting arrested for selling his 6-year-old daughter to a 55-year-old cleric for a goat and some food. Footage doing the rounds on the Internet shows the moment local women gave him a beating.
The father agreed to sell his six-year-old daughter Gharibgol to the 55-year-old imam, Seyed Abdolkarim, which runs counter the law in Afghanistan, which allows girls to marry from the age of 16 and boys from 18, according to France 24.
Abdolkarim was arrested when police found out that he had wed a girl who was sold to him for a goat, a bag of rice, tea, sugar, and cooking oil. The officers were pursuing the father after local women discovered what had happened and snapped at him. The man explained he tried to take care of his family and at the same time wanted to get rid of another mouth he had to feed. Abdolkarim promised him that he wouldn’t have sexual intercourse with the girl until she turned 18 and that sealed the deal, according to RT.


After the ceremony, the imam reportedly took his six-year-old wife to his relative’s house in Firozkoh, in Ghor province, without specifying their status. Thus the house owner at first thought that it was his daughter. However, some time later he noticed that Abdolkarim was undressing the girl before they slept.


Take a look at this scumbag getting slapped around by some of the locals! 

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YouTube video courtesy of ناظران – ار.اف.ای

6-years -old. That my friends is absolutely sickening. And for a fricking goat and a little food? Unbelievable.

Okay, my friend and fellow journalist at Conservative TribuneV Saxena reports that sadly, the story does not necessarily have a happy ending. The problem is that imams such as Seyed Abdolkarim command a great deal of undeserved respect. Moreover, his marriage to Gharibgol was made on a religious, not a legal, basis.

This means that Afghan judges lack the power to divorce Abdolkarim from Gharibgol, even though it is illegal under Afghan law to marry a girl under the age of 16.


It therefore rests on the girl’s mother to find an imam willing to divorce them, and this is not an easy task to accomplish in Afghanistan, where divorce is exceptionally taboo.

Unbelievable, right? Welcome one, welcome all, to Afghanistan, a nation governed by Shariah — a backwards, anti-women, anti-gay and anti-righteous system of law where, apparently, a grown man can get away with marrying a little girl, but finding someone to divorce them is near impossible.

If anyone ever tries to claim that all cultures are equal, just remind them of this story. Sorry, but any culture that allows this to happen is inferior to Western culture, period.

Let us know what you think about this!

[H/T The Gateway Pundit]

God Bless. Source- AFF

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