VIDEO: Family Outraged After Cop Pulls Over Entire Funeral Procession For This ABSURD Reason…


This exceeds the bounds of all human decency…

Matt Agorist / The Free Thought Project


Hollywood, CA — The CHP is under fire this week after one of their finest pulled over an entire funeral procession for driving too slow.

In an ostensible attempt to prevent a traffic problem caused by the procession, the CHP officer caused a far worse problem after having 100 cars stopped along the freeway.

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The incident was captured on cell phone video as the family members were embarrassingly detained on the roadside during this somber time.


A uniformed officer was acting as an escort for the procession as the cars drove to Forest Lawn Cemetery when they were stopped by another officer, apparently drunk on power.

“I’m looking and I’m seeing the car my mom was in on the side of the freeway too. That was embarrassing,” said Rachel Behn-Humphrey.


Behn-Humphrey said the actions of the CHP cop were outrageous, and he showed no compassion.

“A lot of the family members did not make it to the gravesite,” Behn-Humphrey said. “We sat on the side of the freeway so long, they had to go on. I saw some of them drive past.”

According to KTLA:

Behn-Humphrey has retained an attorney and was demanding a public apology from California Highway Patrol. Her lawyer admits the officer had complete discretion to pull over a traffic escort, but said the incident was handled poorly, and caused the family tremendous emotional distress.

“It exceeds the bounds of all human decency,” said family attorney Edward Ramsey. “An officer has the discretion to stop or not stop a funeral procession. If it was me, I would have probably escorted this procession to the burial.”

The CHP had not responded to KTLA request for a statement.

Here is the video report!

What exactly was this officer thinking? Here we have a funeral procession, headed up by a uniformed officer and this other officer felt it was necessary to pull over 100 people for driving too slow. In what world would that be okay? And BTW, the officer was black so there are no riots expected. D.J.

R.I.P. Sandra Louise Behn-Capel…


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  1. freedomseaker1 . says:

    Just another MORON cop!

  2. At least they can’t say it was because, “they were black!”

  3. They will stop a funeral procession because they were going slow and were slowing traffic, but allow students to bring traffic to a stand still on I-5 near La Jolla as a “protest”? This makes no sense at all. The students caused traffic jams that lasted for hours, not just the time it would take for a funeral procession. Total air heads.

  4. They goin’ after the money, though. Suing the funeral parlor for the hired driver’s actions? I’d say the escorting police man on the motorcycle should have picked up the pace a little for such a long procession. Man.

  5. dragonflash says:

    Someone needs a lesson on common sense! Instead of holding the procession, maybe ASK THAT THEY PICK UP THE PACE A LITTLE!

  6. rosalinddunlap says:

    1this cop ,not to bright,

  7. James Allman says:

    I’m sorry for the family. That was bullshit and that cop needs to be fired.

  8. Jeffery German says:

    When will the police stop being so power hungry, spend much of their time raising funds for the city through hiding in the grass and catching a speeder going 10 mikes over the limit, and start catching criminals?.. Never I suppose, catching criminals doesn’t raise funds.. Just soeeders and j walkers.. Get a life cops.. I’m sick of the oppression.. Not only blacks but just about everyone.

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