VIDEO: HORROR- Thug Teens Carjack 73 Year Old, Rip Her Arm Off While Dragging Her To Her Gruesome Death As Neighbors Watched



This is NOT the world I was raised in. THIS world is sickening thanks to the radical left.

All the crap you see is not about so called ‘right wingers.’ No- it’s leftists who are out of control.

Sure, crime has been around since the beginning of time but more and more we are seeing extremely violent and senseless crimes committed by what can only be described as filthy, useless piles of trash who will never amount to anything.

The left doesn’t seem to care including Biden’s SCOTUS nominee.

She feels sorry for putting child predators behind bars. She is a far left radical who is unfit to run a lemonade stand.

But that’s a whole other topic.

This report has to do with scumbags dragging a wonderful old lady getting carjacked, having her arm ripped from her body and ended up DEAD- all to steal a freaking car?

This makes me sick to my stomach and proves that the left is destroying America in everyway possible.

Our good friends at The Beltway Report have more.

What the F*** is this world coming to?!

Who the hell is raising this next generation of teenagers coming up these days? It sure feels like everyday that passes we see another story like this where kids to the most deranged is inhumane crap on the planet. It is almost as if there is some competition to see who can be the most deranged and depraved human on the face of the Earth.

What kind of person carjacks someone, never mind an old lady … and worse yet, who drags a septuagenarian, who is begging for their life, to death in the middle of the street?!

Maybe AOC was right when she asked if it was even moral for us to bring more children into this world. Obviously the reasons I’m leaning towards the idea is not for the same reasons that AOC thinks bringing kids into this world is a twisted idea. However, she may be on to something … the people running this society have lost their damn minds … Here’s a great example of what kind of sick F***s the next up and coming generation is made of …

“Family members say 73-year-old Gruesome Death was leaving her office at a nearby insurance company when she was carjacked earlier this afternoon in Midcity. She died on scene after suspects dragged her from her vehicle for at least a block.?”

From Christina Laila of The Gateway Pundit:

New Orleans – A beloved grandmother was brutally murdered by a pack of teenagers on Monday in a violent carjacking.

73-year-old Linda Frickey of New Orleans was caught in her seatbelt after carjackers sped off with her SUV.

Frickey pleaded with the teens to let her go, but her clothes and one of her arms was ripped off as they dragged her down the street in New Orleans.

Neighbors watched in horror and ran to help the elderly woman as she lie naked in the street.

The good Samaritans covered Frickey’s body with a sheet and dialed 911.

It took nearly 15 minutes for the ambulance to arrive where paramedics pronounced Frickey dead, WWLTV reported.

Four teenagers were arrested and charged with second-degree murder – two of the teens’ parents turned them into law enforcement, Fox News reported.

“The identities of the suspects were not released but New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Shaun Ferguson described them as a 17-year-old male, one 16-year-old girl and two 15-year-old girls.” Fox News reported.’

More from WWLTV:

Neighbors said they ran to try to help but there was little that could be done to save a woman who was carjacked and dragged to her death Monday afternoon in a New Orleans neighborhood.

Monday afternoon, Austin Northcott knew something was wrong in his Mid-City neighborhood.

“I heard screaming, like you’re about to die sort of scream,” said Northcott. “Just not a normal scream.”

Those screams were from 73-year-old Linda Frickey, who police say was carjacked and dragged to death by her own SUV. Witnesses say it happened when a vehicle pulled up next to her parked SUV in the 300 block of N. Scott Street.

“It’s just heartbreaking to see that,” said Northcott.

Witnesses say Frickey was caught in her seatbelt and dragged as her SUV sped off on Bienville Avenue, steps away from Mark and Leanne Mascar’s front door.






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God Bless.

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