Video of Biden Emerges, Veterans PISSED


By Mark Megahan at The GOP Times

Patriotic American veterans are totally pissed at what Joe Biden thinks of them. A classic video from 2016 just resurfaced showing how Joe Biden really feels about our men and women in uniform. “Clap for that, you stupid bastards” he ordered. He can’t blame his incipient Alzheimer’s for that one, he really meant it.

What Biden thinks of Veterans

While President Trump had American forces worldwide fired up to vote for him, Joe Biden had one of his low key sessions with the troops, who acted like they couldn’t wait to get back to something interesting, even if it meant facing hostile gunfire.

A classic video from 2016 is making the rounds of the interweb in response to a fake propaganda piece put out by extremist left-wing publication the Atlantic. In it he makes some incredibly disparaging remarks about the soldiers in his audience. Veterans are furious.

Since his one liners weren’t going over so well with the troops, who looked like they were about to fall asleep, Biden insisted how he had “incredibly good judgment.” He just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

“I have incredibly good judgment. One, I married Jill, and two, I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards.” He never thought he might need backing from veterans some day.

Biden campaign mouthpiece Andrew Bates admits the video is real. It wasn’t deep faked, Creepy Joe was just trying to be funny. “Vice President Biden was jokingly encouraging the audience to clap.”

Veterans don’t take kindly to be called “you bastards.” Besides that, he clearly wasn’t joking when he followed up the first gaffe by calling the service members “a dull bunch,” adding that they “must be slow.” That’s what he considers “words of encouragement.”

Since he wants to talk about offspring

If he wants to start talking about things like offspring and legitimacy, there are lots of Americans who want to quiz him deeply about what his coke addict son Hunter Biden was up to in the Ukraine, while taking money from China.

Veterans can tell the difference between a video which clearly shows Biden’s disdain for men and women in uniform and a hit job propaganda story put together by a liberal magazine.

Andrew Bates may well have been the mastermind behind the Atlantic article. When it came out, he went psycho over it. An anonymous source told a fictional tale “which has now been discredited by more than 14 witnesses,” that “President Trump referred to fallen soldiers as ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’” Even Politifact would mark that as false. Veterans are still fuming over the obvious put-up job.

Bates knew the article was a total lie but that didn’t stop him from pimping it around. “If what is written in The Atlantic is true, it’s disgusting.” Well, Andy, it isn’t true. Veterans are smart enough to see the truth with their own two eyes and a video beats an anonymously sourced Atlantic article any day of the week.

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