VIDEOS: Liberal COMMUNISTS TORE DOWN Historic Monument In This State- Welcome To Biden’s America

Freedom died another little death and communism sunk its hooks in just a little deeper.

The Jefferson Davis memorial came down last night, though the base is still standing this morning due to trouble with its removal.  It seems surrender just isn’t in the Rebel vocabulary even in death. We are now down two of the four memorials that New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu slotted for removal.

Mitch Landrieu states of the monuments –

The monuments are an aberration. They’re actually a denial of our history and they were done in a time when people who still controlled the Confederacy were in charge of this city and it only represents a four-year period in our 1000-year march to where we are today.”

It seems Landrieu doesn’t do Math or History so well.  I guess school just wasn’t his thing?

New Orleans as a city was founded by the French May 7, 1718, and the Louisiana Purchase occurred in 1803.  Then there was the War of 1812 with the battle that Andrew Jackson made famous after the war was over – the Battle of New Orleans fought in 1815.  Andrew Jackson is the namesake of Jackson Square and another monument that has been eyed for removal since Jackson was a slave owner, yet he was not even a part of the War Between the States.  It was well before his time.

Many chose to try to protect the monuments. Some of them are direct descendants of Confederate soldiers and some of those remembered like Ms. Arlene Barnum. She is a fierce protector of her history and Southern heritage and well known to many with regard to the preservation of the true history of the South. Folks of all stripes, creeds, and colors have shown their support for this cause because they recognize this for what it is – a stripping of our history straight out of the Nazi playbook.

Antifa was there in full glory to intimidate those that would attempt to protect history. It is interesting to note just how much of history is already repeating itself.  Note the similarities between Hitler’s Brown Shirts and Antifa –

“Mastery of the streets” was at all times the primary mission of the Brown Shirts.

“Possession of the streets is the key to power in the state” states an official Brown Shirt pamphlet. The goal of this was to delegitimize the German People’s Army and the German government by showing that the Nazis were the ones really in control. Brown Shirts used physical violence and terror to break up meetings of political opponents and suppress opposition.

Meetings of opposing or alternate political ideologies were frequently broken up by Brown Shirts. They would invade meetings, interrupt the speaker, attempt to physically attack him, and make enough disturbance so that meetings would be forced to cancel.

Does that sound familiar?

Brown Shirts organized to disrupt and “shut down” the political meetings of all non-Nazi groups. Tactics included interrupting, making noise, and unnerving the speaker. All for the purpose of silencing opposing political views.

Sound familiar at all?

See Milo Yiannopolis and Ann Coulter at UC Berkley for the most recent examples.

During elections, Brown Shirts would send speakers to physically take over meetings of other political parties. After taking over, they would forcibly exclude anyone not in sympathy with their views.

Remember this?

See Bernie Sanders rally shut down by Black Lives Matter or Donald Trump rally in Chicago erupting into violence.

Brownshirts would even incite riots to shut down meetings of political opponents.  Does this look familar to anyone?

The Brown Shirts were successful in obtaining “mastery of the streets” and shutting down all dissenting voices. Their efforts helped grind the existing government to a halt and destabilized Germany into a state of crisis. Hitler used this crisis to argue that he was the only one who could restore order to the country. Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933 after a series of parliamentary elections. Shortly afterward, Hitler ordered his Brown Shirts to burn down the Reichstag building.


Hitler then blamed the Communists for burning the building down, and convinced the German parliament that only by granting him full power could the German crisis be normalized. Parliament agreed, and passed the “Enabling Act” in March 1933, thereby granting Hitler dictatorial powers. People that see the actions of Antifa, Black Bloc, and others like them should be very afraid of what is going to come behind them —

On May 10, 1933, students burned upwards of 25,000 volumes of “un-German” books, in an era of state censorship and control of culture. At the meeting places, students threw the pillaged and “unwanted” books onto bonfires with great ceremony, band-playing, and so-called “fire oaths.” In Berlin, some 40,000 persons gathered in the Opernplatz to hear Joseph Goebbels deliver a fiery address: “No to decadence and moral corruption!” Goebbels joined the crowd. “Yes to decency and morality in family and state!  

Now I was attacked when I dared speak out via Twitter likening this destruction of our history to the book burnings in Nazi Germany —

The ignorance of the responses to either out and out deny the Holocaust occurred in the first place or to tell me that only “Degenerate, pervert books are not treasure. They were trash & dealt with as such.”

What was burned in Nazi Germany?

Works from well-known socialists like Bertolt Brecht and August Bebel, founder of communism Karl Marx, “bourgeois” writers like Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler, and “corrupting foreign influences,” such as American author Ernest Hemingway. Works also consumed in the fires the 1929 Nobel Prize-winning German author Thomas Mann, whose support of the Weimar Republic and critique of fascism raised Nazi ire, and author Erich Maria Remarque‘s best-selling work All Quiet on the Western Front.  Any and all works by early German literary critics of the Nazi regime were also burned, such as those of Erich Kästner, Heinrich Mann, and Ernst Gläser.

Other writes on the blacklist to be destroyed – American authors Jack LondonTheodore Dreiser, and Helen Keller, whose own disabilities and ability to overcome them made her a champion the disabled, flying in the face of the eugenics policies the Nazis practiced. Jewish authors also numbered among the writers whose works were also burned, among them some of them well known even today, like AlEinsteinstein, Sigmund Freud, Franz WerfelMax Brod, and Stefan Zweig.

Also among those works burned were the writings of beloved nineteenth-century German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine, who wrote in his play Almansor  the famous admonition,”Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”


This is Nazi Germany all over again. These Carpetbaggers can sugar coat it and call it whatever they like — it is little better than burning books. Joseph Goebbels lives. If they will burn the books? They will burn the people. Remember that — if they will desecrate our history? They will desecrate us. It is that simple.

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