BREAKING: Viewers BOYCOTT After Learning What Show ABC Is REPLACING ‘Last Man Standing’ With


The ABC network had a hit on its hands with Tim Allen’s former show Last Man Standing, but the network abruptly canceled it to make room for other programming, and people are not happy about it.

Allen’s pro-American show that expressed conservative values was undoubtedly a hit across the country, bringing in some of the highest ratings across every network for its time slot. However, in the beginning of the summer, ABC decided, out of nowhere, that it wouldn’t be returning for another season, leaving viewers upset that one of their favorite shows was being canceled.


So far, there hasn’t been a good reason from network executive as to why Last Man Standing wouldn’t be returning. But now we know, and the decision is going to outrage millions.

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Apparently, the leftists at ABC decided that Allen’s show based on conservative values wasn’t in line with their politics, so they replaced it with something that shows they’re “compassionate” to the plight of people who aren’t even supposed to be in this country. Yes, you read that right; ABC is replacing a hit show about an American family with conservative values with a show about a family of illegal aliens called Sanctuary Family.


Can you believe that?

From BizPac Review:


ABC was quick to nix its  pro-American and succesful sitcom starring conservative actor Tim Allen.  It seems the liberal execs at the network had to make room for new programming that will tout the virtues of illegal activity.

The new show tentatively titled, “Sanctuary Family” will follow the story of a married couple who takes in an illegal alien nanny and her family, Fox News reported.

According to a description of the sitcom from ABC, the family puts a strain on the couple’s marriage but, eventually, they see that “the differences both families have aren’t as significant as their similarities.”

“Sanctuary Family” is one of several of its kind coming this fall that will focus on illegal immigrants.

Are you enraged yet? This writer is.

ABC just showed the nation how truly anti-American they really are.

Twitter was none too happy about the decision, either.

Precisely, boycott the show. Actually, boycott the entire network.

For ABC to cancel Allen’s show so they can run this pure garbage is a slap in the face to America and an affront to the values we hold dear. Even worse is the fact they seem all too willing to turn off at least half, if not more, of the nation that’s completely opposed to illegals invading our country.

But like everything else, the free market will ultimately prevail. If this turns out to be a bad decision for ABC, they’ll feel it in their wallets.

Just like the posters on Twitter, I hope that’s exactly what happens, because this is a disgusting move.

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