BREAKING: After Violence At N.C. Rally, Trump Gets BAD News From SHERIFFS

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Last week, GOP front-runner Donald Trump held a rally in North Carolina, and one of the demonstrators there got out of hand. As a result of the incident, The Donald received some bad news from the local sheriff.

For those unaware, one of the attendees at a Fayetteville campaign event punched a protester in the face as they were being escorted out of the venue. The man ended up being arrested, and most people would assume that was the end of it.

It wasn’t. Not by any means.

Apparently, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office isn’t about to let the incident go with just the man responsible for throwing the punch being arrested. How far are they going to take it? Well, according to WRAL, they’re considering pressing charges… against Trump!

No, really. Check it out:

Last week, Trump visited Concord and Fayetteville in rallies that attracted thousands of attendees. During the rally in Fayetteville, a protester was assaulted as he was escorted from Crown Coliseum by police. A Linden man was later charged in the incident, and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigators said Monday that they are considering filing a charge of inciting a riot against Trump.

Isn’t that nice? One of two things is happening here; 1. The sheriff’s office is being pressured by outside forces to press charges in an effort to smear Trump, or 2. The sheriff is anti-Trump, and wants to press charges for political reasons.

Either way, the charges are completely bogus.

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