Violent Black Mob Attacks Cop Screaming “We Need To Start Killing These Officers…”

Latonya B. James and Nanyamka N. James Photo credit / Channel 3000- WISC TV

Latonya B. James and Nanyamka N. James Photo credit / Channel 3000- WISC TV


A crowd of thugs beat up a police officer in Madison, Wisconsin simply for doing his job. This anti-law enforcement garbage is totally out of control.

The officer spotted a large number of people in the street and witnessed an irate black lady punch a man in the face. The officer also noticed that the woman had a container of pepper spray.

The officer went into the violent crowd to arrest the woman while the thugs were screaming threats including “WE NEED TO START KILLING THESE OFFICERS!” These people are the worst of the worst. What kind of scumbags want to kill the police? I know the answer- Barack Obama’s people.

The woman’s daughter interfered with the officer while he was attempting to arrest the mother and was grabbing him and the mother actually punched the officer in the face and grabbed him by the throat.

People in the crowd were recording the altercation while screaming obscenities toward the officer. And of course they called it police brutality. (H/T Channel 3000)

The thugs tried to get the officers gun but failed, thank God.

The 2 women were arrested and repeatedly threatened to kill the officer while being driven to the Police station.

This is the new America. Times have changed in a horrific way since Obama entered the picture. This mother is the biggest scumbag. Way to teach your children how to behave. You are a sickening worthless specimen. Just unbelievable.


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