VIRAL PHOTO: Sarah Palin Just Crushed Hillary Clinton With This Brutal FB Post… Hillary Will Hate This



Hillary Clinton is making the headlines quite a bit lately but not exactly how her campaign team would like. Her email scandal has taken the spotlight as well as her corrupt charity group and her questionable donors. Let’s face it- she’s getting hammered lmao!

As her poll numbers plummet and her popularity fades her hopes for becoming the first female president are dwindling. I couldn’t be happier frankly.


It’s actually ridiculous that this woman is still being considered to be the POTUS. My God, these Democrats are just dumb as rocks. Don’t they know that what she did with her emails jeopardized our NATIONAL SECURITY? Let me re-phrase that- what she did is still jeopardizing our NATIONAL SECURITY! We don’t know who got what from her recklessness. For all we know China hacked in and knows how our entire government works. All our secrets.

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After all, she stored her server in some bathroom at a low security firm that runs out of an apartment for GOD’S SAKE! The mainstream media is slowly beginning to wake up to the seriousness of her negligence but VERY slowly. They still support her. Which brings us to Sarah Palin!


 Sarah Palin has posted a brutal meme on her Facebook page that has gone absolutely viral! 




Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? Snowden exposed the fact that domestic spying by the U.S. government on us American citizens was rampant. But he is in hiding for fear of facing charges of treason.

But Hillary Clinton has done far worse! She broke the law by using her private server that could be hacked by anyone. She lied. She continues to lie.

Conservative Tribune has this:

On that server, in spite of her protestations to the contrary, at least 305 emails containing classified information have been found. Not only that, but at least two of those emails were reportedly classified “Top Secret” — the highest level of classification when it comes to sensitive information.

All of this, of course, is wondrously illegal. In fact, The Washington Times in March calculated that if you gave Hillary Clinton the maximum sentence for each email deleted, she’d be spending 95,490 years in jail.

Hilariously, Hillary has urged Snowden to return to the United States, knowing he would be held accountable for his actions. And yet, Hillary Clinton continues on her campaign, hoping she won’t be held accountable.

America apparently agrees that she needs to be held accountable. In only two days, Palin’s post had already been shared over 266,000 times.

So my fellow patriots, Hillary is toast and needs to answer for her crimes. The sooner the better I say…


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