VIRAL: This Black Man Just Exposed The Truth About #BlackLivesMatter… They Are Furious



Do you remember Peggy Hubbard, the black woman from Belleville, Illinois who posted an epic rant comparing recent shootings in Ferguson and criticized the Black Lives Matter movement for not addressing black-on-black crime? The video went viral.

Well, another black has come forward and uploaded a video that has the Black Lives Matter folks fuming! Lol, the guy is speaking the truth!

He starts off his video by saying black lives only matter when it’s a white police officer doing the killing. And he went on to say that “the only people that’s killing off black people at a fast rate is ourselves.”

He continues pointing out the stupid things black people kill each other over like possessions or unfaithful significant others.

Robert Rich at Mad World News reports:


He states that everything he said in the earlier video was said by white people countless times, but only when it comes from him – a black man – do people acknowledge it as truth. He points to the fact that blacks tend to get mad when the same truths come from the mouths of white people, and it actually results in claims of racism.

Frustrated with this reality, he goes on the say that “black people are the most racist people on the planet,” and he points out the glaring double standard in all this. He continued questioning why black lives only matter when a white person is doing the killing, when the reality is that blacks are doing most of the killing when it comes to members of their race.

Here’s the video via TheBestNews

According to statistics, about 91% of blacks killed are murdered by other blacks. Furthermore, despite the fact that they consist of only 13% of this nation, they’re responsible for half of the murders here.

We applaud this young mans’s courage to speak out.

His message is spot on. The real problem is black on black crime. Until these people accept this, things will remain the same. It’s not White people that are holding them down. Please share this to everyone you know!

(Image source: World Star Hip Hop and Mad World News)


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