BREAKING: This VIRAL Video Shows Voter Fraud In Alabama…. LOOK CLOSELY


In the hotly contested Alabama senatorial special election in which Republican Roy Moore ran against Democrat Doug Jones, a now-viral comment from a man on a video is sparking an investigation into voter fraud.


On the evening of the election, Jones was announced as victorious by about 20,000 votes, or 1.5% according to unofficial returns. Just after that declaration, a Fox 10 reporter was interviewing supporters celebrating Jones’ victory and the surprising upset by a Democratic candidate in a highly contentious election fraught with 40-year-old sexual misconduct accusations.

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Reporter Kati Weis naturally asked the man what so excited him about Jones’ victory, stating –

Why are you excited to see this victory?

The man made a shocking statement about the election revealing what may be the “secret” to Jones’ victory in Alabama.  He stated –


“Because, we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together, and we got our boy elected!”

Naturally, the left is rushing to explain away the man’s response as a simple slip of the tongue.  Moore supporters and many on the right, however, believe this is evidence that Jones won the election against Moore by fraud. They believe Jones received votes from those not registered to vote in Alabama, illegal aliens, felons, and those not residents of the state of Alabama at all.

As a result of the man’s comments on Fox 10, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has decided to open an official investigation into the possibility of fraud playing a significant part in Jones’s victory over Moore. Merrill states he hopes to track the man down in order to ask him for clarification into the comments he made about the election on live television. Merrill states –


“Well, it’s disconcerting when someone who’s not from Alabama says that they participated in our election, so now it’s incumbent upon us to try to identify this young man, to see what kind of role he played, if it was simply to play a canvassing role, or if he was part of a process that went out and tried to register voters, or if he himself actually became a registered voter.”

Merrill states it is highly disconcerting “when you have someone actually recorded on television saying that they voted, and then that’s what he said, then we’ve got to get to the bottom of that.”

The election results are expected to be certified the week after Christmas. In the attempts to determine the man’s identity, Merrill’s office has reached out to the Jones’ campaign for a list of volunteers.  The Jones campaign claims ignorance stating it does not have access to the countless groups who volunteered to help canvas neighborhoods and campaign for Jones.

It is important to note that the race received a significant amount of national attention with campaign volunteers from all over the country in an effort to the vote out for Jones.  Ugly allegations of sexual misconduct also surfaced from some forty years ago but have been mostly debunked. Celebrities also came to Birmingham last week to speak in support of Jones, including actress Alyssa Milano and basketball player Charles Barkley. Neither of which are Alabama residents.

It certainly seems like there is more than ample evidence of potential skewing of election results especially in light of the disproven 40-year-old allegations of sexual impropriety levied against Moore just 30 days before election day.  He himself had been in the public eye for more than 40 years with no hint of such allegations. Yet all of sudden here they come standing beside Gloria Allred. One victim was traced directly to the Democratic party, another was called out by her own stepson, one has an ax to grind due to Moore representing her mother in a contentious child custody case, and yet a third admitted to forging Moore’s signature in her yearbook.

This whole thing smells to me. What do you think? Does this whole thing sound fishy to you? Does Alabama need a recount? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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