BREAKING: Virginia To Remove ALL Confederate Statues


Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam (D) is feeding the frenzy created in Charlottesville and calling for every single city and town in Virginia to remove every single Confederate monument and statue.



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Northam appears to have jumped on the leftist “cause” of the moment in an effort to continue to divide America. Interesting to note he is running for governor at the same time.


He states –

“I support City of Charlottesville’s decision to remove the Robert E. Lee statue,” Northam, who’s running for governor, said in a statement Wednesday. “I believe these statues should be taken down and moved into museums. As governor, I am going to be a vocal advocate for that approach and work with localities on this issue. We do more to elevate the parts of our history that have all too often been underrepresented.

That means memorializing civil rights advocates like Barbara Johns and Oliver Hill, who helped move our Commonwealth closer towards equality.”


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Many are fighting the removal of American history and their pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears.  The city of Baltimore removed every single Confederate statue overnight.  There was no vote, no conversation.  No chance for the people to even have a say so.  “For the people by the people?”  That seems to be something we only read about in books these days.


Northam will not even commit to moving the monuments and statutes to museums and historical societies.  Instead, he claims that decision should be left up to individual communities.

Northam’s campaign spokesman stated –

“I’ll grant that statement goes a little farther, but it’s still an iteration of his position that he personally believes and will advocate for these statues to come down but he will support localities as they make their own determinations.” 

Funny but another man — one that survived the Holocaust said THIS of History –

“For the survivor who chooses to testify, it is clear: his duty is to bear witness for the dead and for the living. He has no right to deprive future generations of a past that belongs to our collective memory. To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time.”
― Elie Wiesel, Night


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