Virginia High School Bans Confederate Flag… Students Respond In The Most EPIC Way Possible

 At a high school in Virginia the PC crowd has taken things once again to a new level.



Breitbart reports:

About 20 western Virginia high school students were suspended Thursday after holding a rally to protest a new policy banning vehicles with Confederate flag symbols from the school parking lot and refusing to take off clothing displaying the symbol.

Christiansburg High School Senior Houston Miller, who organized the rally, said he doesn’t believe the administration should be able to tell students what they can wear or put on their vehicle. He said he doesn’t intend to back down and is encouraging more students to show their support for the flag Friday.

“I feel like I should have the right to wear whatever I want, and I’m standing up for this,” Miller said.

The dress code at the school in Christiansburg  prohibits students from wearing articles that reflect adversely on people because of race, gender, or other factors. A new policy this fall bans students from having Confederate symbols on their vehicles in the parking lot.

Here’s the video report as seen on Fox and Friends First!

I have to agree with the children, they should be able to wear the clothing of their choice. I believe this to be utter b.s. More and more we are seeing public schools dictating what their students wear. The double standards are destroying our nation people, we can’t let this continue.

Let’s look at the other side of the spectrum also. Black Lives Matter led by racists who outwardly call to attack and kill police and white people. Documented and circulated and interviewed on the news media. Confederate flag was a battle flag plain and simple. The national flag that flew over slave nations is our Stars and Stripes. Almost every military unit has a battle flag designed by their unit and inscribed on some of their equipment.

Slavery which is the origination of most of these arguments. The north transported slave ships- the south never did. There were more white Irish slaves than black African slaves. Abraham Lincoln wanted to colonized South America after the civil war essentially deporting all blacks from the United States to, in his eyes, fix the race issue in America.

Learn your facts people and stop following the idiots who have an agenda against this great nation. Liberals claim the Confederate flag equals racism. On the other hand, the racist black lives matter movement encouraging violence and death to our police is a civil rights movement and to question or challenge it makes you a racist. Come on, it’s time we call things for what they are.

Once and for all Americans must wake up and stop pushing our country toward a race war.

Whether you believe the flag is a racist symbol or not that flag today stands for freedom and rebellion. Personally I applaud these young people! It’s time we teach our children HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

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