Clinton Rape Victim Makes TERRIFYING Revelation EVERY American Needs To See Before They Vote [VIDEO]



Juanita Broaddrick, who was raped by Bill Clinton says she is selling her house because she fears for her life.

Speaking to World Alternative Media, the woman who claims then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, says, “I don’t feel safe anymore.”

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During half hour interview with World Alternative Media Josh Sigurdson conducted with Juanita Broaddrick who was brutally raped by Bill Clinton during his time as attorney general in Arkansas as well as threatened subsequently by Hillary Clinton, Juanita admitted that she does indeed fear for her life and her safety. So much so that she is selling her home so she can build on her son’s property to stay close to others.

She says living alone frightens her, especially with her name in the media so much and the potential the Clintons have if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

“I have my home up for sale now because I live alone in a huge home on 23 acres. It’s just an absolutely gorgeous place,” Broaddrick says.

“I’ve loved it all these years but I just don’t feel safe anymore.”


“I’ll fear even more the retribution I might suffer,” she added.


YouTube video courtesy of World Alternative Media


Kyle Olson at the American Mirror reports that despite the assault in Little Rock, Broaddrick said she had a list of people who were going to donate to Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign and she wanted to attend a meeting in northwest Arkansas to hand over the lists and “get away from there.”

“But before I could, they came through the kitchen area, and I saw (Hillary) and somebody in the kitchen pointing to me.”

After coming over to Broaddrick, she says Hillary “stood there and looked at me and said, ‘I just want you to know how happy we are for all the things that you do for Bill in this campaign.’ And I just sort of nodded and was going to turn away.


YouTube video courtesy of The American Mirror


Scott Mason at Western Journalism has more:

“And she grabbed a hold of my arm and my hand at the same time and she pulls me into her and this smile fades to this very harsh expression, and she said, ‘Do you understand — everything you do.’

“And I could have fainted, I mean I get cold chills now just remembering it. And I took my hand from hers and I left.”

When asked what Hilary meant, Broaddrick says, “I think she meant that she knew what had happened — I honestly believe he went back to her that day and said, ‘Well, I messed up this time.’

“You know, having affairs and things, that’s bad enough, but I think he went back to her and said, ‘I really messed up this time.’ And that was her way of saying, ‘We know — I know — and you better stay quiet.’ I mean, I couldn’t take it as anything else.

Broaddrick, who did stay quiet for the better part of two decades, said Hillary was “very cold. Even when she came over to greet me there was a coldness. She had a smile on her face, but it was very … It was so cold, but then the second expression was frightening. Here she is and she’s standing below me, looking up at me and saying these very frightening things.”

“All she did was let me know she knew and I better stay quiet. That’s the essence of what I got out of that,” she concluded.

World Alternative Media reports that in the 90’s, Clinton enemies dropped like flies. The list is extensive and Larry Nichols backs up much of it. Recently, once again, countless Clinton enemies are ending up dead under extremely mysterious circumstances. Many freak accidents as well as point blank murders have happened in recent months. 7 people who either worked with the Clintons at the DNC, served lawsuits against them or were due to testify against them have ended up dead over the summer season this election year.

After a while it’s unreasonable NOT to question such a large number of freak accidents.

We wish Juanita Broaddrick all the best. She’s a very kind woman with a record of doing great things for those that need it the most. On top of that she’s a proud grandmother and a vigilant voice.

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God Bless. 

Thanks again to World Alternative MediaThe American Mirror and Western Journalism



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