W.H. Doctor Drops A BOMBSHELL About Biden- NOT GOOD


It’s obvious to basically everyone including the Communist/Democrats that Biden is completely unfit to be Commander-In-Chief.

He is absolutely demented and belongs in a retirement home.

Nobody knows more than former Adm. Ronny Jackson, now Texas GOP Rep. Jackson who oversaw the health of three presidents regardless of their politics- dem or Republican.

Jackson is a U.S. congressman and he’s speaking out about the massive failure in Afghanistan.


Furious (like most Republicans are) that Joe Biden abandoned Americans in that country while evacuating more than 120,000 Afghan refugees, he now sees a major hostage situation shaping up.

Or a huge public affairs win for the ruling Taliban.

Newsmax has more:

Retired Navy admiral and Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson told Newsmax on Friday that at least seven of his constituents are being held in Afghanistan, calling them hostages unable to leave the country until the Biden administration recognizes the Taliban as the legitimate government of the country.

”They’ve already been manifested on flights,” Jackson, a Republican, said on ”Greg Kelly Reports.” ”The airplanes are there. Everything is ready to go. They can’t get out, and the reason they can’t get out is because the Taliban won’t release the flight until Sept. 9 because they want to be recognized as an official government.

”They want to be officially recognized as a legitimate government. … And I guarantee you these hostages, they’re hostages right now, are being held until the American, until the United States, until the Biden administration recognizes the Taliban as a government.”

Democrats in Congress and their voters are continuing to justify Biden’s treason because they are partisans first and Americans second, if at all.

Ronny Jackson, the patriot, knows what Biden has done and what he’s about to do as well, if he really wants to get those Americans home.

And he will have to kowtow to the terrorists because Taliban fighters parading dead Americans through the streets of Kabul will cause riots in the streets of America.

Look, the bottom line is that there are thousands of Americans abandoned in that filthy hellhole and ARE being hunted down by these filthy savages and there are several reports that many Americans are being slaughtered and it’s just starting.

Demented Biden and his woke Pentagon scumbags screwed this up and as a result people are being slaughtered.

The leftist media is running cover for this deadly and preventable tragedy but Americans will never forget.

Meanwhile Biden is relaxing, taking a nice vacation.

Biden was NOT legitimately elected and frankly couldn’t successfully run a hotdog stand.

Simply unbelievable.

This country is being run by complete morons.

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