The Alabama Senate race is gearing up to be one of the most bizarre ever, with decades-old accusations potentially derailing Judge Roy Moore’s chance at winning the seat, but a new report blows serious holes in the accusations being leveled against him.

Moore has repeatedly professed his innocence ever since the allegations first surfaced against him, and in light of recent revelations about his accusers, it’s easy to see why. For one, the woman being represented by Gloria Allred, Beverly Young, has been discredited and accused of forging the signature in a yearbook she presented as “evidence.”


The fact that Allred refuses to release the book for an independent handwriting analysis speaks volumes to its authenticity. Additionally, we previously reported that Allred refused to specifically state whether or not Young witnessed Moore sign the yearbook herself, which appeared to be a hedge against a possible defamation lawsuit that Moore promised to file.

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Making matters worse for those accusing Moore is that another woman, Tina Johnson, has some credibility issues of her own, as Sassy Liberty of AFF Media reported.

In the custody documents, Johnson is accused of taking her son against his will. An affidavit dated September 11, 1991, and signed by Daniel says that two days earlier, Johnson took him from elementary school “against my will and made me go to her home.” Another affidavit of the same events signed by Cofield states Johnson took Daniel from school “forcefully and without my permission.” This event prompted Moore to seek immediate temporary custody of Daniel on Cofield’s behalf until she was granted permanent full custody at the hearing on September 23. Daniel is quoted as stating he wished to “live with my grandmother with whom I have lived as long as I can remember.”


Now, there’s this; a report from One America News tying the Washington Post, which originally broke the story against Moore, directly to one of the defendants Moore had in his courtroom. In fact, Moore convicted the brother of one of the Post’s longtime editors of contempt during a child support case, which came after the man was convicted of being a drug dealer.

The Gateway Pundit has more:

OAN reports Moore made another enemy after ruling against convicted drug dealer Richard Hagedorn, who was brought before Judge Moore over contempt charges stemming from back payments for alimony and child support. Moore ruled against Hagedorn in 1994 and is still making alimony and child support payments.

The report then takes another turn.

Richard Hagedorn is the brother of David Hagedorn, a “longtime editor,” of the Washington Post.

Judge Roy Moore is under siege after the Washington Post published sexual advancement allegations against the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

On November 9th, the Washington Post accused Judge Moore of dating a 14 year-old girl in 1979.

Wow. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the female police officer who stated she would follow Moore around the mall to ensure he didn’t prey on women also appears to have had a reason to hold a grudge against him. Retired Alabama Police Officer Faye Gray’s brother, Jimmy, was arrested for distributing controlled substances in 1981, and guess who the prosecutor was?

Roy Moore.

OAN says its “own research revealed no truth behind the claims against Moore at the mall.”

So there you have it. One by one, these stories have popped up against Moore, and one by one, they appear to be discredited in one way or another. Granted, the links above don’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that something shady occurred; however, they do cause one to question the motive of the Washington Post to even publish the story to begin with, given the timing of it an all.

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