Wal-Mart Announces They Are Removing ALL Confederate Flag Merchandise!



In Bentonville, Arkansas Wal-Mart has announced it is removing all items from it’s shelves and website that have the Confederate flag on them. In a statement Wal-Mart says it’s goal is to not offend anyone. This is only going to get worse rather than better.

The announcement by the world’s biggest retailer Monday comes as the shooting deaths of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, have reignited the debate over the flag’s symbolism. The white suspect in the shooting, Dylann Storm Roof, appeared in photos holding the banner.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Monday that the flag should be removed from the statehouse grounds, acknowledging that to many the flag is a “deeply offensive symbol of a brutally oppressive past.”

Symbols are only a form of speech. To again be taking away the right of free speech is a violation of the very liberties professed to be our goals. This would amount to continuing to create a different government, a fascist government in which the police serve to enforce strict controls. To do this in the name of anything good at all, amounts to worse than utter hypocrisy.

The confederate flag had nothing to do with the shooting in the church. The left will find all the wrong things to blame on the current race problems. Before everyone gets all fired up, let me enlighten you on what this particular flag stands for. It was called The Army of Northern Virginia battle flag, it was used in battle beginning in December 1861 until the fall of the Confederacy. The blue color on the saltire in the battle flag was navy blue, as opposed to the much lighter blue of the Naval Jack. The flag’s stars represented the number of states in the Confederacy. The distance between the stars decreased as the number of states increased, reaching thirteen when the secessionist factions of Kentucky and Missouri joined in late 1861.

If South Carolina and Wal-Mart could do away with a flag because of the massacre that happened, then why shouldn’t NY close down its mosques because of massacres that happened on 9/11? Here’s another great idea, how about take away black history month and Cinco De Mayo? If the south cannot display their battle flag, why should the rest have the things they hold dear? I believe that would be fair.


The First Official Flag of the Confederacy. Although less well known than the “Confederate Battle Flags”,the Stars and Bars was used as the official flag of the Confederacy from March 1861 to May of 1863. The pattern and colors of this flag did not distinguish it sharply fom the Stars and Stripes of the Union. Consequently, considerable confusion was caused on the battlefield.

The seven stars represent the original Confederate States; South Carolina (December 20, 1860), Mississippi(January 9, 1861), Florida (January 10,1861), Alabama (January 11, 1861), Georgia (January 19, 1861), Louisiana (January 26, 1861), and Texas (February 1, 1861).



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