Wal-Mart Fires Employee For ‘Gross’ Thing He Did There Every Day For Almost 20 Years…


Wal-Mart has fired a disabled employee after almost 20 years of service and the community is outraged.

The man’s name is Frank Swanson and was loved by customers for giving hugs and being honest. He was also VERY good at his job as cashier.

Frank, who is partially paralyzed and intellectually disabled, was fired from his position in West Plains, Missouri just 20 days short of reaching 20 years of service at the store.

ATTN spoke to Swanson, 52, and he said that the company got rid of him for “good customer service.” He would often hug customers, including older women, who “wouldn’t probably get a hug any other time,” he said.

He said that in January management asked him not to hug customers anymore unless they gave permission, so he changed his approach. “I was asking the ladies if I could give them hugs before I hugged them,” he said. “They said yes.”

However the reasons for Swanson’s firing are more complicated than just hugs, according to Swanson and his brother Drexel.


Fired for’GROSS’ misconduct

Swanson claims that the incident that got him fired was over less than a dollar. He said he offered to match the price of an item that was being sold for .50 cents less by a competitor. “I was checking out a lady who had some iced tea,” he said. “Someone had it on sale in town.”

Frank gave the woman the lower price. He said that Walmart’s policy was that there needed to be an ad to prove that another store in the area offered that lower price. Although the woman didn’t have a circular ad with her, Swanson said he had seen the Red Diamond Ice Tea ad in the paper that he keeps in the break room. He said that he knew the woman was right.

When Frank went to the break room to prove he was right the ad had been conveniently removed.

Managers fired Frank because they said that the customer didn’t provide the ad in order to match the price.

“Frank drove to Willow Springs this morning and had them go back into their archived papers, and just like Frank remembered, in the bottom right corner there was an ad for Red Diamond Iced Tea on sale at G&W Willow Springs for $1.98 and the Walmart Frank works at price matches Willow Springs,” his brother Drexel said.


Opposing Views has more:


Drexel Swanson, Frank’s brother, told ATTN his brother’s dismissal was unjust. After surviving a childhood accident that left him comatose for six weeks, Frank has dedicated his life to bringing joy to others, Drexel said.

“My brother doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Drexel said. His purpose in life since his accident has always been to make other people feel good about themselves and to bring a smile to their face.”

 “He has taken money out of his own wallet to help someone covering their bill at Wal-Mart,” said Babbette Swanson Marsh. “I just wish they would have found a different way to handle this.”

Although many people believe the dismissal was about hugs, Wal-Mart said Frank had broken company policy.

“I can’t believe they were firing me because I was doing what Wal-Mart said it does, beat competitors’ ads or match them,” Frank said.

Wal-Mart did the wrong thing. It’s fine to fire a disabled white guy for simply doing his job but if it were a Muslim or an illegal alien you would NEVER see this happen.

Screw Wal-Mart. Filthy liberals.

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