Walmart Just SCREWED America With Latest SHOCK Move That Will Have Every Conservative BOYCOTTING!


We reported earlier this year about Walmart and their CEO board of left wing SCUMBAGS and their decision to back Black Lives Matter.

The idiocy that flows down hill from their corporate office is staggering, with decisions that go against the American people and foundation of our nation, such as their decision to sell Black Lives Matter merchandise:


Walmart is selling Black Lives Matter clothing and other items amid calls to designate the movement as a hate or terrorist effort. The retailer has banned sales of items bearing a Confederate flag, and an “All Lives Matter” bumper sticker saying it was “offensive.” Some of the Black Lives Matter clothing items also have the word “Bulletproof” on them.

Now Walmart has taken on even more of the democrats insanity, now they are selling “Antifa” merchandise as well.

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That’s right, America’s biggest big box store is pushing communist propaganda for a violent, anti-American, blood-thirsty terror group.



From Brietbart

Walmart is selling “Antifa” clothing that “will [allow you to] express yourself inside the opposition to the ideology, organizations, governments and people from the far right (fascism).”

The mega-retailer is offering at least 13 different sweatshirts “made in Mexico of 100% COTTON for all-day comfort” promoting the violent hate group.

“Antifa,” or Anti-Fascist Action, is an informal grouping of communist, anarchist, and other far-left street gangs. Drawing inspiration from the German Communist Party’s street fighters of the 1930s, the modern movement grew out of the European far-left punk scene in the 1980s. These unapologetically violent bands of leftists were largely unknown in the United States until recent years, when America’s post-Occupy Wall Street far-left began adopting the name.

Antifa is well known for their hate of POTUS Trump and Patriotic Americans, they promote and encourage violent crimes against people they consider “fascists” on both sides of the Atlantic.

None of this has stopped Antifa from receiving a rash of positive press from American left-leaning media outlets; acceptance from both Democratic politicians and Republicans like John McCain, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney; and, now, its own clothing collection at Walmart.

“Just remember to keep creating a better world,” the clothing advertisements encourage.

“This glorification of Antifa was mirrored Friday by the New York Times, which published a fashion style guide for the group: “practical advice on how to dress for a riot.” In their guide, the Times explains why a uniform look is needed.

“These defensive methods work only if there are enough black-clad others nearby. A single person in all black and multiple face masks is an eye grabber.  Dressing in black militant gear and concealing your face forms an “emotional connection” with other rioters.

“Tactical considerations aside, it’s this emotional connection with other members of the bloc that many practitioners highlight the most in interviews,” they proclaimed. “It’s why soldiers and police have uniforms.”

This is the kind of garbage that happens when money rules above all else and citizens sit idle and allow big corporations to do as they please with ZERO accountability.

Walmart continues to support the organizations that are destroying our nation, taking down statues, murdering people and the list goes on.  Why do people “tolerate” this?

Easy answer, people are unaware that America is danger close to a hard recession, millions of Americans have fallen on very hard financial times, simply paying the out of control monthly bills, consumes most of their paychecks.

So when a large corporation such as Walmart rolls in with their discount pricing and “cheap” products, it is where people have to go for their product needs.

So we can gather that “boycotting” Walmart might attract a certain percentage of people, for the most part, people cannot afford to boycott Walmart because going elsewhere simply is not an option.

So what can be done?  Fire off an email to their corporate office, local Walmart Managers as well as local TV stations.   You do not have to sit idle and you do not have to become homeless in your attempts to make Walmart accountable.

 Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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