DISGUSTING: Wannabe White Rapper Forces Crowd To Chant THIS…. CROWD ERUPTS In This State


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Rapper That Previously Said He Was “Shaken” By Trump Election Drops Childish F-Bomb Riddled Rant


A rapper named Ben Haggerty who made his fame by talking about his addiction and who goes by the stage name Macklemore forced his crowd to chant “F–k Donald Trump” at his Arizona show the other night.  Macklemore is the second white rapper that struggles with drug addiction to attempt to rekindle his fanbase by attacking the Commander in Chief.  Wearing a jean jacket belly shirt, the effeminate rapper took to the stage and hopped around like an animal while attempting to dazzle the crowd with the same old song and dance they have seen half a dozen other blowhards mimic. Here’s a rundown on the night’s events:

“F–k Donald Trump!” was a song Macklemore led the crowd in singing at the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix, a venue able to seat 2,500 people.

Macklemore, the “Thrift Shop” rapper who has been an outspoken critic of the president and his policies, “gave a great and moving speech about inclusiveness and kindness and acceptance which led into his song ‘Same Love,’” concertgoer Vanessa Richards told Fox News.

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Macklemore “then gave another speech about immigration and acceptance,” and told the crowd “that everyone should be welcome here no matter which side of the ‘line’ you stood on,” Richards told Fox News.


“We should be welcoming and encouraging everyone to live the American Dream,” Macklemore told his fans.  I guess the rapper thinks that if everyone in the world came to America we would still have plenty of resources and room left over to spare.  Well, that’s why he’s an awkward white rapper and not an economist.

Macklemore rose to fame by talking about drug addiction.  His breakout song was called “Otherside” and discussed the hardships faced by those that turn to codeine addiction and opiate use.  He used to promise to always stick to the tough topics that were untouchable by other music producers but it seems like that stopped making the big bucks.  In his last album he wrote a song about how he used to think he was gay and another about how he likes to buy fur jackets from thrift stores.  I feel like those two songs are somehow related, but I’m no Freud.

In a desperate attempt to maintain relevancy in a world that was sick of listening to him whine about his travails, he released a track called “FDT” and you can go ahead and guess what those letters stand for pretty easy.

If You Want To Give Macklemore A Piece Of YOUR Mind…I’m Friends With Him On Facebook

Now, this is an embarrassing admission, but when I was in high school I discovered Macklemore and genuinely liked his music.  He couldn’t even play at most local bars in those days and was self distributing an album called Language of My WorldI only bring this up in my defense–I didn’t know what he’d become, I swear! Anyways, long story short, I’m friends with him on Facebook:

I don’t really care to maintain this contact however, so I am asking our readers to comment below what you wish you could say to Macklemore.  I’m going to screenshot the comments and message them to him and post them on his wall.  I’m a big enough person to not write ‘F–k Ben Haggerty” here, but I definitely am not a big enough person to stop you guys from doing so though I suggest you rise above and tell him what you really think.  Mind you, Facebook will auto-remove curse words from our comment section so be sure to self-censor if you cannot self-control.  Macklemore isn’t exactly brilliant so try not to be too wordy either–I suggest calling him a loser and then telling him why.



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