WARNING: If You Come Across a Purple Fence Post, Here’s Why You Should STAY AWAY

All across the country, purple fence posts and trees can be found throughout the woods, and they have a rather important meaning that you need to know.

The odd-colored posts have a very distinct purpose, and if you ignore them, there’s a good chance you could wind up in trouble – with the law. KETK reports they property owners paint their posts or trees to let others know they’ve gone too far and it’s time to turn back around, and it’s 100 percent legal to do.

“It holds the same weight and the same law violations apply. It’s no trespassing period,” Ashley Pellerin, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s extension service in Prairie View, Texas, told KETK.


Used in place of a “No Trespassing” sign, the practice dates as far back as 1989 in Arkansas, when the “Purple Paint Law” was first enacted to give property owners an inexpensive alternative to marking their boundaries. At least ten different states have similar laws on the books, including Texas, and property owner Jonathan Kennedy explained the laws were adopted because traditional signs are too easily destroyed.

“The reason the Texas legislature did that is they were trying to keep landowners from constantly having to replace signs. In Texas as we know, people like to take target practice at signs so they are having to replace them frequently.”

Purple seems to be the most widely used color for marking boundaries due to its high visibility in a natural setting, but other colors are permitted as well – lime green and orange are the other two common colors used. Below is a complete list of states that have these paint laws on the books:

North Carolina



While some may wonder the importance of this post, ignorance on the issue could land you in trouble if you pass beyond the markings and get arrested for trespassing. So next time you’re out in the woods or wilderness, keep a keen eye out for oddly-colored posts or trees.

Spotting one just might keep you out of jail.

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