WARNING! Some Signs Of The Coming Anarchy To Watch For- PREPARE YOURSELF!




Many people think that the whole idea of anarchy or a revolution could never happen here. After all, the USA is the world leader in just about everything, they might say or think. Perhaps images of chaos and third-world countries that have been overrun by rival factions, gangs, or warlords come to mind when thinking about these things? However, anarchy can come in a number of different forms. Civil war is actually a form of anarchy, since the very definition of the word is a state in which the government has lost control.

Obviously, a government needs to control society in order to function. Now this could be through fear and bullying or a system of just laws and regulated authority. However it is done, the government needs to be able to accurately (in a relative fashion) predict what the members of society will do and have the ability to direct their energies into productive pursuits.

An interesting example of anarchy, especially to those who think it could never happen here, is the American Revolution. Our founders broke away from England and then British troops were sent to put down the rebellion. We all know how that turned out. For some length of time, neither side had any real control, which meant that the people ended up governing themselves.

It not only could happen here, it already HAS happened here. The American Civil War was another example of anarchy, although certainly the government did maintain a level of control and governance in the northern states. There are a number of signs that could actually signal the beginning of a period of anarchy. One of these could be supply shortages, especially things that are needed for day-to-day survival. This can result in people reacting in anger and violence (this is happening right now in places like Venezuela and Argentina).

Increased crime rates is another sign of possible oncoming anarchy. If the government cannot protect the people, criminals are encouraged to continue their ways. More and more people end up fearing the potential consequences of their actions (or at least the possibility of getting caught) less and less.

High unemployment and poverty are also signs. This can also lead to angry and violent protests and revolts. If the government is not creating an environment which provides financial and material security to people, this can lead to disaster.

The government also ignores the wishes of the citizens. If this happens, people begin to distance themselves from the government. As this discontent grows it becomes easier to be willing to take up arms against a system that you feel cares little about you or is not truly representing your needs and desires.

There are a ton of other potential signs to look for. Class and racial warfare will proliferate. This could be low-level violence or warfare between different classes and/or races all the way up to genocide. Police brutality could also set in, leading to citizens ultimately rebelling in larger and larger numbers. People will stop having confidence in their elected leaders. As the government becomes more and more deeply in debt, a financial collapse might ensue. This would lead to the government no longer being able to continue their handouts and welfare programs—we all know if this were to happen things would get really ugly, especially in the inner cities. There might even be a major disaster that the government is either ill-equipped to handle or just handles very poorly.

What do YOU think about this? Do you recognize any of these signs as already happening in our country? Do you think things will end up getting better or worse if we continue on the course Obama has established for the country? Could the US descend into potential anarchy if we are not careful?





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