Washed Up Actor Alec Baldwin, Makes SERIOUS Threat To President Trump And Secret Service Expected To Investigate- LOOK What He Said

In yet another inciting tweet from left-wing celebrities, far-left actor Alec Baldwin chose civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to describe a “dream” he had which included a noose hanging outside of a courthouse during President Donald Trump’s “sedition” trial.

Inciting his radical Twitter following, the progressive activist and Saturday Night Live and Boss Baby star took to Twitter on Friday to share his vision which included the president undergoing trial for sedition while a noose — made of recycled protective masks — hangs from a makeshift scaffold, Breitbart News reports.

Since Day 1 of President Trump announcing that he intended to run for president, Hollywood, the left and citizens began slandering and openly calling for violence against him and anyone who supported him.

Then after he beat Hillary Clinton, the same groups started to carry our their rhetoric and hate.  We started seeing protests turn into rioting and looting, attacking people and businesses with violence and setting fires.

Breitbart continued their report, “I had a dream Trump was on trial for sedition,” Baldwin tweeted from his Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation account, which has over 1 million followers. “And outside the courthouse, a noose was hung from a makeshift scaffold. The noose was made of recycled Covid masks.

Though social media platforms have been cracking down on speech deemed inciting, that has not stopped rhetoric such as Baldwin’s.

The Mission Impossible actor is noted for his late-night TV role playing and mocking the president. The 62-year-old Emmy-winning actor was tapped by Saturday Night Live to play Trump during the season premiere of the 42nd season in a cold open mocking the first presidential debate in October 2016 and continued playing him throughout his term in office, appearing in dozens of episodes.

It is clear what the “New America” has been turning into and it is quickly becoming a true nightmare.  A nightmare where freedoms are a myth, your rights are things of the past and being able to have a open dialogue with different opinions will get one side hunted down as they have thrown around talks of camps to “re-educate” trump supporters.

Yes, I do believe they openly threaten simply to invoke fear and that they have no actual intent of carrying out such a threat.

I suppose one could consider jail/prison as a “camp” that their very intent is to reform “Criminals” into good citizens.  The United States is # 1 in the world with people in jails and prisons and it has everything to do with money and power, seriously investigate it.  Don’t take my word for it, honestly investigate it, these companies that own these facilities pay off judges and others to keep the cattle lining up to fill their cages.

My point is that the democrat’s, Hollywood and organizations such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter have openly been saying for years that it is not enough to simply remove President Trump from office.  Violence and chaos openly in the streets, costing in the billions as well as attacking people who openly support the President.

Apparently all of that is ok, hell it is even openly supported by Biden and Harris as they have donated funds to organizations to bail out any that were detained and provided them with legal help to get off of whatever charges.

But not everyone found Baldwin’s “dream” amusing.

“If this is what you dream of, you need help!” wrote one Twitter user.

“You are sick,” wrote another.

Some wondered just how such rhetoric was tolerated.

“How has this insane man not been reported to the FBI and Secret Service??” asked Brooklyn-born attorney Manny Alicandro, a candidate for New York public advocate last year. 

Welcome to the New America, where freedoms and free-agency to have your own thoughts an opinions can get you investigated but only if it goes against their agenda.  If you thought 2020 was bad, wait until you get a look at 2021.

I will say that I truly believe we have to stop the hate and division as citizens, that we must find common ground to unite as one.  People have forgotten that it is ok to be on two sides of a fence that having open communication on these differences is ok, because we are American citizens that should be united under freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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