The last time a large group met at the Capitol, they were infiltrated by undercover agents which may or may not have instigated the masses entering the Capitol.

Since then, it has been a wild witch hunt to hunt down and arrest as many people as the radical regime could get their hands on.  A flurry of executive orders to demonize Patriotic Americans as well as illegal agencies created to label Americans who believe in freedom, patriotism, conservatism and The Constitution all as “domestic terrorists” as well as “white nationalists”.


The whole damn thing happened way to easily and exactly how the radical left wanted it to go just so that they could make militias illegal and target anyone who refuses to bend the knee to their Marxism.

The fences surrounded the Capitol as well as armed National Guard units deployed, which created a federal lockdown on a building that is supposed to be owned by the people!

Why in the hell would anyone want to go to the Capitol and hold another protest when those who came before them are rotting in jail cells?

Jacob Bliss at Breitbart explains: The fences that once surrounded the U.S. Capitol will return “temporarily” before the rally takes place on September 18.


Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger told reporters that he requested that the fence surrounding the Capitol be put back up and said they would go up a few days before.

“The fence will go up a day or two before, and if everything goes well, it will come down very soon after,” he said.

Manger made these comments after meeting the sergeants-at-arms in both chambers, the House and Senate.

Former Trump campaign official and executive director of Look Ahead America, Matt Braynard, is organizing a rally in defense of those charged due to the US Capitol event on January 6.

Those individuals do not need rally’s in protest, what they need are real politicians to step up and ACT.  Stop talking about how unconstitutional it is for over 400 Americans to be arrested and detained by draconian Marxists and start actually doing something against the radical left extremists currently in office.

People need to be sick and tired of all the lack of action and all we see is the same thing everyday, a bunch of people in suits talking and saber rattling but never any actual actions to stop the Orwellian nightmare currently eroding America.

Breitbart continued: The three also met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Manger said in the meeting they spoke about the rally set for next Saturday, the intelligence they are “aware of,” and their operation plans for the rally.

House Sergeant-at-Arms William Walker said he is “reasonably concerned” about the rally on Saturday.

Roll Call reported the briefing came shortly after Capitol Police arrested a man with multiple knives outside the Democrat National Committee:

The briefing came just hours after the Capitol Police arrested a California man early Monday morning who had multiple knives, including a bayonet and machete, in his truck outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

Donald Craighead, 44, of Oceanside, Calif., was arrested for possession of prohibited weapons, the Capitol Police said in a statement. Craighead’s Dodge Dakota pickup truck had swastikas and other hate symbols aligned with white supremacy on it.

Craighead told police he was “on patrol” and talked about white supremacy. The department said it was unclear if the incident was connected with any upcoming protest.

Breitbart News previously reported on the original fence being erected around the Capitol:

The fence, constructed by federal officials following the January 6 Capitol protest, has remained a point of contention among lawmakers and D.C. residents. Even some Democrats expressed that the wall should not morph into a permanent fixture in the nation’s capital.

The original fences came down roughly 6 months later, in July.

One could easily speculate that the event will be littered with undercover federal gestapo agents once again and they will do exactly what they did before, entrapment to arrest.

Is it foolish to hold another event at the enemies of America front door like this?



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