BREAKING: Washington Free Beacon Is DONE…We Just Exposed Their Ties To The DEMOCRATS With This One Name…


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Meet Paul Singer: He’s Auditioning For The Role Of Soro’s Protege


Paul Singer — that’s his name and we’re about to tell you everything you need to know about this part-worm, part-human, full-time Republican traitor.   Singer is largely responsible for the forerunning project thatpreceded the now infamous Trump Dossier.  Singer is a billionaire capital manager and one helluva nasty globalist to boot.

Last night, it was reported that the Washington Free Beacon had contracted Fusion GPS in order to run opposition research on a number of Republican candidates.  The Free Beacon is the love-child of Paul Singer and another Never Trumper, Bill Kristol.  Among those candidates was Donald Trump.

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He’s Spent Over $9,000,000 Funding The 2016 Super PACs And Most Of That Money Went To Opposing Trump

Fusion GPS, of course, would later go on to work for the DNC and produce the full-fledged dossier with the help of besmirched ex-MI6 operative Christopher Steele.  That’s all well and good, but I’ve always felt very strongly about a certain moral code–it’s one that I think everyone needs to live by in these trying times: eliminate your traitors before turning to your enemies.


Make no mistake: the Washington Free Beacon and their financiers Paul Singer and Bill Kristol are traitors in kind.  It’s imperative that the brand of the Free Beacon be wiped off the conservative map and tossed into the demi-Democrat swamp that is the resting place of all Neoconservatives and their ilk.  Likewise, Paul Singer and his financial backing should be recognized as a permanent red flag.  If Paul is happy, a heartland American better take notice and be unhappy.


Evidence Of Pure, Putrid Treachery:

The Washington Free Beacon has claimed that they worked with Fusion GPS before Fusion GPS got in bed with the Russians. This is a lie.  Not only is it a lie, it’s a blatant recreation of Fusion GPS’s history.  Fusion GPS worked with the Russians since as far back as 2012 before the creation of the current rendition of the Washington Free Beacon.  But even before Fusion GPS was directly tied to Russia, they were directly tied to the Democrats–so why did the Washington Free Beacon ever seek to employ them? Further, since when is it in the wheelhouse of a journalist to employ someone with ties to foreign agents? This is all information that the Washington Free Beacon would have known when they contracted them–if they want to claim otherwise they are either incredibly incompetent or they think you are too dumb to know a red flag when you’re swimming in a sea of them.

The Washington Free Beacon is using countless misdirects to avoid blame.  They say that since they were doing opposition on other Republicans that this isn’t bad.  The thing is, they don’t say they were doing opposition on all Republicans.  It’s not hard to figure out which Republicans were not being targeted for research: Paul Singer donated $5,000,000 to the Marco Rubio campaign.

It was the Rubio campaign, after all, that was responsible for passing along the rumors of the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal that was eventually reported in the National Enquirer.  Is it possible that the Fusion GPS team is responsible for the “research” that resulted in these false reports as well?  It’s certainly within the realm of possibilities when you consider that Fusion GPS was claiming Trump had an obsession with human piss.

It’s also worth noting that Singer donated $2,000,000 to the ESAFund.  Some of that money was then used to launch a commercial in Iowa during the Democratic primary begging voters to side with Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.  This was the beginning of a pattern.  Singer would go on to fund another Super PAC in the general election–with $2,500,000 the Neoconservative traitor armed Romney’s “Our Principles PAC” to the teeth.  The Our Principles PAC was the main right-of-center PAC that was opposed to the Trump presidency and in favor of Clinton.

They Tried Their Hand At Ruining Rand Paul, Too:

Lastly, it’s important to know a couple details about the Washington Free Beacon: 1. They had a soft opening with Bill Krisol’s Weekly Standard.  Kristol is one of the major Never Trumpers that is still voicing his idiotic opinions today. 2. They attempted to frame Rand Paul as a racist in the past because one of his staffers waved an American Flag.

These are the people that Conservatives are being tricked into protecting now.  It isn’t Democratic talking point to say that both the Washington Free Beacon and Paul Singer are cancer.  In fact, by protecting these people you are allowing that cancer to metastasize.  God only knows what form it will take next–but it won’t be a friendly one to our movement.




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