WATCH: 92 Year-Old BLIND Marine Hears Thugs Outside Stealing His American Flag- LOOK What Happens Next


World War II vet Howard Banks, 92, is legally blind but stood his ground and defended the American Flag once again.

A day before his birthday on July 11, the veteran said he heard someone outside his home pulling down his American flag from its pole, so he went outside to investigate, Fox reported.

“I walked out, hanging onto the railing and stepped down. That must’ve startled them,” said Banks.

Banks was determined to protect his flag after someone shredded his previous American flag and ripped up his Marine flag about a year ago.

“They could see me. I couldn’t see them,” said Banks. “I turned and looked in the other direction, and about then – ‘wham!’ They knocked me down.”

The person trying to take the flag down ran off while neighbors rushed in to help Banks.

Banks has numerous bumps and bruises and he said he even twisted his knee. “On this forearm, it’s kind of sore and rough,” he said. “Both of them. I’ve still got soreness here, but I’m durable. I can take it.”

The injuries he suffered won’t stop him from his life’s mission to honor veterans who sacrifice and serve by displaying his American flag.

“I think we all had that same feeling, that the flag was our identity. We were Americans,” said Banks. “The fact that I’m getting older, and the less I can do… at least I can still do that.”

This 92 year old blind Marine, shows more grit and valor than most of today’s younger males. Banks needs to be honored and people need to learn from him.

In today’s society it has become commonplace and tolerable to take our nations flag and desecrate it, burn it, stand on it, defecate on it and steal it wherever it fly’s.

I have said it many times, we suffer, what we tolerate.  We need to put a stop to this insane behavior and allowing our nation to be dismantled by idiots who want safe places and sanctuary cities.

I truly hope they catch whomever is stealing that Marines flags, hopefully other Marines catch them and send a message to the gutter trash, military style.

It is our duty to stand for our elderly vets, they have rucked through more than most will ever know and they earned their brotherhood.

People need to start taking a few moments each week and go visit any elderly vets in their area, see what difference you can make, even if its just a smile and handshake.

God Bless.

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God Bless.

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