WATCH: Angry RACIST Black Lady Goes Ballistic Against Whites… Y’all ‘Blue Eyed Devils’



So much hate, so little time…


WOW! So much damn hate! I mean, I totally understand being extremely pissed off about the killings but to blame an entire race? I don’t understand how Blacks don’t see that America is a great country. Look at what Blacks have accomplished. They OWN sports. They are KILLING it in the music industry as well as on television and on the big screen.

It’s getting real old and real fast. The hatred many of these people have for Whites as well as the police is repulsive.

Look, none of you were slaves. If you live in poverty then it’s your own damned fault. It sure as hell isn’t my fricking fault! Work hard, live happy and quit blaming White people for the miserable failure of a life you have. Like I said, it’s getting old and frankly out of control.

Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby was called a ‘cracker’ by a woman outside the Mother Emmanuel American Methodist Church where a deadly shooting left nine black churchgoers dead. The woman also called for a race war and discussed black anger.


The conversation is a snapshot of race relations in the Obama era, which has seen racial tension reach a boiling point unseen in America for decades.

Darby got the reaction “What do you think the chances are that the guy who did this horrible thing was mentally ill?”

Sista Solove, off screen, immediately responds “Hell, no… are all crackers mentally ill?”

Darby responds “What are you saying crackers?”

As the man with the sign attempts to answer Darby’s question, Sista Solove again jumps in and tells Darby “Cracka. You’re a cracka. Crackas. We niggas, y’all crackas, it’s what it is.”

Lose the chip you loser.

We had video but LibTube took it down- go figure…

LEE STRANAHAN at Breitbart reports:

The conversation took place five feet from what President Obama called “sacred space” in a speech on Wednesday.

A few seconds later, after the man with the sign says he did not believe Charleston suspect Dylann Roof was mentally ill, Sista Solove expresses a theory that several African Americans in Charleston told us: that Roof “was sent” by white supremacists to do the shooting and to push black people out of town.

“He (alleged killer Roof) was sent. He was sent. The KKK ain’t nothing but the police with badges now. That’s all they are. They took their hoods off and they’re police. It was an inside job.”

The man with sign agrees, saying, “C’mon, man, he was sane. He knew what he was doing. He tried to free home.”

Sista Solove continued, “Everyone says it was a hate crime. No, he was a terrorist. The white man is a terrorist to black people. Period, point blank.”

Darby asks her “Do you think I’m a terrorist?” and she responds “I don’t trust none of y’all. None of y’all.”

Darby asks why, and Sista Solove retorts:

“Because the Indians called y’all blue eyed devils. That’s what y’all are. Sorry.

“And praying to the white Jesus ain’t gonna save nobody, so these niggas need to off the AME and stop praying to white Jesus, because he ain’t coming.”

Darby then asks, “What do y’all think’s going to come from this?” and the woman responds, “Race war. Race war. Us against them.

The real question is, if it were the other way around, what would that be? (Laughs.) If a black person…if a NIGGA killed nine CRACKAS, he would be dead.

We wouldn’t even be talking about his raggedy ass. Okay. But this cracka is, “Oh, he’s mentally ill. Oh, ya know, pray for him. Oh, they’ve got support systems for him.”

No, he has an agenda. There’s going to a race war because it continues to happen.

So cannot go pray. You can’t be a child at a playground. You can’t wear a hoodie with Skittles. You can’t be black.

What’s a good nigga supposed to do, Massa? What’s a good nigga supposed to do not to get shot? That’s a good question, ain’t it?

Then Sista Solove delivers the academic Marxist message of “white privilege” that underscores the the current Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s called white privilege.

You don’t understand where our anger comes from. No one gets it. Our history comes from our family telling us, ‘Oh, you can’t be black.

Don’t do this, don’t go to that fountain, don’t do this’ and we’re still dealing with this shit.

What are we going to do with the anger? What are we going to do with the anger? What do we do?

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Darby empathizes, saying “That ‘keep your voice down’ thing…” and Solove continues, “‘Be quiet, don’t say nothing. Oh,no! Be a good nigger.’ You understand? And then when we voice our anger, it’s against each other. You understand? Because no one wants to listen to us.”


Nice job Obama loving liberal trash- you just set us back a half a century on race relations.


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