WATCH As 50 BADASS Bikers Send Clear Message To Scumbag Punks Who Bully Little Kids

A group of more than 50 badass bikers in northeastern Indiana found out that a local sixth grade student was having trouble with bullying.

These patriots decided to take control of the situation by sending a clear message to the scumbags that are harassing this poor kid.

Tammy Mick is the mother of Dekalb Middle School Student Phil Mick. She was very concerned about her son’s issues with bullying.


She says it was so bad he told her he contemplated suicide. She spoke with Brent Warfield of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service about it, and Warfield immediately stepped in to help.

Warfield is the director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and he told FOX59 he’s been hosting charity rides for years.

He’s been working to raise awareness about bullying and teen suicide, so he decided to organize a special ride for Phil on his first day of middle school.

He posted the information on Facebook just a few days beforehand, and he got an incredible response!


Here is the post in it’s entirety:

“Today’s escort ride for Phil.

The motorcycle community came out to show our support for Phil and all kids that get bullied.

Phil got his 1st ride on a motorcycle to school. We had a amazing turn out.

The Motorcycle Community has come together to help stand up against bullying and show our support for those that are getting bullied.

We would like to see programs with speakers go to schools and discuss bullying. As well as teaching parent’s to keep an eye on there children and look for signs they are being bullied or are doing the bullying.

One good way is to monitor there social media. We are not placing blame! Just looking for solutions.

Too many teenager’s are taking there own lives do to bullying of some sort.

This is not acceptable and there lives mean so much! So please do your part to help.

Like to thank everyone who came out today and all that supported this great cause. God Bless!”

I urge you to go to Brent Warfield‘s Facebook page, check out the awesome photos and leave him a comment. These people are absolutely incredible!



More than 50 bikers met with Phil and his family for breakfast before his first day of school. Some bikers even traveled from over an hour away.

They prayed with Phil before they all escorted him to school. Warfield said the school was very welcoming of the idea, and Phil was very excited about a fresh new start.

Warfield says this wouldn’t have been possible without the help from all the big-hearted bikers in the area who are working to raise awareness about bullying and teen suicide.

United Motorcycle Enthusiasts is having a ride for suicide awareness and teen bullying on September 23. “We want to get our message out there that we are here for our youth. They are not alone,” Warfield told FOX59.

If you or anyone you know are looking for resources with bullying or suicide, visit or The National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

We want to thank these fine patriots for doing such a wonderful job!

Keep up the good work brothers and sisters!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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