WATCH As 9-Year-Old Patriot Gets PISSED OFF And DEMANDS School Board RIP DOWN All BLM Terrorist Posters Out Of Her School!



Our nation is in crisis over daily mass flooding of illegal aliens, Biden’s extremism witch hunts on everyone who opposes their draconian agendas, Biden’s new firearm tyrannical orders as well as the left extremists indoctrination of children and adults on critical race theory.

Due to recent reporting we all know that BLACK LIVES MATTER is for the most part a completely hate filled and corrupt organization that takes advantage of poor black folks, makes promises they have no intention of keeping and then pocket the millions of dollars they rake in.


Anyways, we did this report a while back and felt that since it wasn’t covered by most news organizations we would bring it back to light.

We CAN NOT forget all of the garbage that the Democrats have done and so we think it’s a good thing to refresh your minds on all of the corruption and sickening things these lunatics have done and are still doing.


She is demanding that Black Lives Matter posters come down per the own schools policies.

The young patriot nailed by quoting Black icon Martin Luther King- MLK said, I have a dream that one day my four little children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. That dream has come true. I do not care or look at the color of skin but you make me think of it.


The so called GOP politicians are doing very little to combat ANY of the left extremists policies and agendas.  A few go on the news and pound their chests on what’s wrong and why its wrong but provide zero actions to prevent and stop any of the horrendous national crisis’s.

Novalee, you are not ALONE and “We The People” have your 6!

When politicians fail their duties, it is the duty of every citizen to stand up for what is right and to have the courage to speak the blunt truth and a 9 year old girl did exactly that!

A nine-year-old girl confronted the school board in a Minneapolis suburb for committing to keep the campus free of politics while installing Black Lives Matter posters, Breitbart reports. 


The girl, identified by her first name Novalee, addressed the Lakeville Area School Board during the public comments portion of a meeting earlier this month, but the video has remained in the spotlight after the video was posted on YouTube over the weekend.

The suburb where the girl lives is not far from where George Floyd died while in police custody just over a year ago.

“The other day I was walking down the hallway at Lakeview Elementary School to give a teacher a retiring gift. I looked up onto the wall and saw a BLM poster and an Amanda Gorman poster,” she said. “In case you don’t know who that chick is, she’s some girl who did a poem at Biden’s so-called inauguration. I was so mad. I was told two weeks ago at this very meeting spot: no politics in school. I believed what you said at this meeting.

America is being indoctrinated by the left extremists and critical race theory is propaganda that is meant to divide society and literally indoctrinate children!  That is child abuse and very few have even had the courage to stand up to this horrific mental abuse.

We should be teaching our youth that race and the color of a persons skin does not matter, what matters is a persons actions.  We should be teaching our children the real truth of our nation’s history, real math (not the current common core garbage). English and so forth.

Breitbart continued with Novalee’s statement:

“So at lunch, I went up to my principal to tell him about the BLM poster and that I wanted it down,” she said. “He said, ‘It’s not coming down.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it is, because the school board said on May 25 no BLM or politics in school.’ He said, ‘That’s weird; they were the ones who made them.’”

“I was stunned,” she said, “When I was here two weeks ago you told us to report any BLM in our schools.” Novalee continued:

Apparently you know they are in our schools because you made the signs. I said there should be no BLM in schools, period. Doesn’t matter what color you make the posters and the fonts you use; we all understand the meaning: it is a political message about getting rid of police officers, rioting, burning buildings down while King Governor (Tim) Waltz just sits on his throne and watches.

“You have lied to me, and I am very disappointed in all of you,” the fourth-grader said. “You cannot even follow your own rules. If you were gonna do that, why do we follow any rules we deemed unfair or ridiculous? I’m not following your mask rule anymore then.”

“Get the posters out of our schools,” she said. “Courage is contagious so be courageous.”

The courage this 9 year old girl has to speak the blunt truth is so refreshing and she needs to be applauded for standing up for what is right and fighting against the indoctrination.

Truly refreshing to listen to her speak the truth and to witness the new generation taking a stand and not falling for the political indoctrination.

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