Watch As Ben Carson Rips It UP On Critical Race Theory: ‘It’s a Bunch of Garbage’

Critical Race Theory is nothing more than racial Marxism that is being used to indoctrinate everyone from children to adults and America, it is working!  As a society we need to stop tolerating hate and political activists who make demands and for some damn reason the majority caves to these horrific ideologies.



Critical race theory is in schools and the blunt truth is that it is a form of legal state-sanctioned racism! The indoctrination focuses in three key Marxist concepts: race essentialism, collective guilt and racial superiority theory.

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Breitbart reports that former Housing and Urban Development Department Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on Sunday blasted Critical Race Theory, calling it a “bunch of garbage.”

Carson told Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America” that Critical Race Theory was “an attempt to use race as a mechanism for redefining our society.” He warned the teaching could divide the American people and thus destroy the country from within.


USA Today did a report on just how dangerous CRT is:  Critical race theory is an academic discipline that claims that the United States was founded on racism, oppression and white supremacy – and that these forces are still at the root of our society. Some supporters of critical race theory claim it is merely a “lens,” arguing that “race is a social construct” and that racism is “systemic” not individual, but this is a strategic retreat that fails to grapple with some of the theory’s more controversial concepts.


Critical race theory reformulates the old Marxist dialectic of oppressor and oppressed, replacing the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with the identity categories of white and Black. But the basic conclusion is the same: In order to liberate man, society must be fundamentally transformed through moral, economic and political revolution.

First, these lessons primarily reduce individual students to the racial categories of “white,” “Black” and “people of color,” which are then loaded with value connotations – “white” students are labeled “oppressors,” while “Black” students are labeled “oppressed.”

Don’t embrace false equivalents: Racial equity is important, but it doesn’t trump the right to excel

Next, this framework teaches students to think that they bear responsibility for and are the beneficiaries of historical crimes committed by individuals who shared the same skin color; consequently, they must atone for their “white privilege.” Critical race theorists in practice sometimes refer to this as “internalized racial superiority” within white people.

Finally, critical race theory ascribes a moral superiority to individuals based on their race – whites are deemed inherently racist and oppressive because, as a Buffalo Public Schools lesson phrased it, “all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism“; people of color, by contrast, are deemed by this theory inherently virtuous and liberatory. 

As Americans we have a duty to stand up and speak out against tyranny, indoctrination, hate and against those who endorse left extremism.

People must find the courage and the fortitude to do what is right and unite as one, a collective voice against the hate and the very dangerous left agendas.

Breitbart furthered Dr. Carson’s statements:

“It’s an attempt to use race as a mechanism for redefining our society — redefining what it was based on and how it impacts everybody, and it wants our people to believe that your race is the most critical determinant of who you are and what happens to you in our society. In other words, it’s a bunch of garbage,” Carson emphasized.

“You know, the only thing that can really destroy our country — our country is a magnificent place. It can’t be destroyed by Russia or China or Iran or North Korea, but it can be destroyed from within,” he added. “There’s no question about that. That’s what Jesus meant when he said a house divided can’t stand. Lincoln reiterated that. And we need to recognize that we, the American people, are not enemies.”

Time is not on everyone’s side, these extreme left ideologies are being implemented by schools, cities and corporations plus the current government.

Doing the right thing is contagious and people will follow as they see others standing up and doing the right thing.  That is how we unite instead of divide, that is how we begin to save our nation from Marxism and Communism.


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