Watch As BLM And ANTIFA Terrorists Carrying THESE Take Over The Streets Of THIS City Screaming Foul Chant


A large group of Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrators wearing black bloc and carrying shields marched in the streets of Manhattan on Sunday. While the group remained mostly peaceful, a female social-media journalist came under attack for “supporting Trump.”

A group of about 25 demonstrators wearing black bloc and carrying defensive shields formed up in an intersection in Manhattan to begin a march to Times Square, independent journalist Andy Ngo revealed in a video from journalist Dean Moses, Breitbart News reports.

The narrative is painfully clear and depending on which side of our nation you choose to make your stand, you will either get financial backing, gear and forms of legal protection and the other, well the other gets labeled and charged as Domestic Terrorists.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been causing chaos and violence in our nation with zero accountability.  Yes, a few get detained and maybe even face some charges but they have multiple resources at their disposal including funds for bail and funds for lawyers.

This is not by accident, it is by design and Biden and Harris have openly embraced these groups because the people do their bidding.

As Breitbart reported, the marchers chanted, “Whose mother-f**king streets? Our mother-f**king streets” and “What’s that noise? F**k the Proud Boys” as a larger crowd of protesters assembled behind their formation.

BLM activist Joshua Potash also captured videos showing the march through the streets.

One of their claims is for equal justice but that would mean they are “Domestic Terrorists” as well.  This is our reality, we find ourselves living in a time where our nation is divided and angry.

Social-media journalist Tara Szczepanski reported being assaulted by some from the rally. She reported having an egg smashed on the back of her head.

In the video she tweeted, she is assaulted by at least two of the men. One sprayed her with a chemical string and another appeared to strike her with a skateboard.

“She’s a f**king Nazi,” some in the crowd shouted. “She supports Trump, why are you protecting her.” Then the man with the skateboard appeared to strike her.

A second video shows her being harassed and attacked by a larger group. A person outside of camera-view reaches in and smashes an egg on the back of her head.

The division and hate within our nation is destroying our rights, these acts of violence will be used to create even more laws that destroy freedom and rights, all in the name of “safety”.

When people run to Police Officers begging for help and the police ignore them, of course its going to cause further discontent and mistrust.

This is not just happening in New York, it continues in cities across our nation and mainstream media either ignores it or spins it to fit their own agendas.

San Diego police declared an unlawful assembly as Trump supporters and counter-protesters faced off Saturday, according to reports.

The protest also prompted police to warn residents to stay away from the Pacific Beach intersection “due to acts of violence.”

“Rocks & bottles are being thrown at officers,” the police tweeted. “Pepper spray (OC) from the crowd is being sprayed towards officers.” Fox News reports.

Where are the leaders of our nation?  They are too busy going after President Trump and his supporters, they have been allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to do as they please, so long as it fits their agendas.  What will happen when it no longer does?  Do they truly believe these same politicians will never turn on them?

All of these issues and demands are far bigger than people want to admit.  Something has to bring peace to our nation and unite the people into peaceful resolutions without legal overreach overcrowding jails and prisons.

Pray for nation and for the citizens, before we find ourselves falling into mass chaos that we can never take back.


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