WATCH AS Entire TRUMP Rally Crowd Sends CNN BLISTERING 3-Word Message After Spotting Camera Man…


It’s no secret that the media is totally biased when it comes to Trump and Hillary. They slam Trump non-stop and cover for Hillary with selective editing and other scandalous such as BLATANT LYING! 

MSNBC sucks. ABC sucks. And CNN sucks. FOX is beginning to suck more and more each day as well.

Unfortunately, liberals get their news and info from these hacks and believe the garbage that comes from their mouths.

But fortunately, many Americans aren’t fooled by their lies and propaganda and those people have been labeled by Hillary as “The Deplorables.”

Yes, those of us that want immigration enforced are deplorable. We are Deplorable because we don’t want to allow anyone into America without first knowing their background and what they believe. We are Deplorable because we know political correctness in all its various machinations is a public cancer that rots free expression & is destroying the very foundations of America. We are Deplorable because we know that President Obama has done less for black Americans than any other president in modern times. 

We are Deplorable because I know that less government is best government. And we are Deplorable because we back our police and respect our flag, country and our right to be armed.

Anyways, Trump fans were at his rally in Fredericksburg, Va. and had a strong reaction when they saw representatives of a news network that they view as biased against their candidate. Yes, CNN- THE CLINTON NEWS NETWORK!

They slammed the liberal hacks in an epic video and shouted “Do your job! Do your job!” at the CNN crew!

Check it out!

“CNN walks in, crowd boos, chants “Do Your Job” – Trump Virginia”

Like I said, many Trump supporters and other Republicans call CNN “the Clinton News Network” because their coverage is biased toward Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump.

The response to the videos was overwhelmingly positive.


@AngryGoTFan Clinton News Network tell the truth? Fat chance. Parent, Time Warner, is Hillary’s 8th largest campaign donor.

Kevin Whitson at Western Journalism adds that CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, has been the source of more than $722,000 in donations to Clinton’s campaigns.

As Western Journalism has documented, CNN has a history of questionable reporting, including an incident in which it falsely accused Trump of lying.

In December 2015, just months before President Obama signed executive orders relating to gun control, CNN accused the GOP candidate of not telling the truth about the president’s plan to use executive order to control gun purchases and close loopholes.

One of the most recent CNN controversy was this month, when the network selectively edited statements by Sherelle Smith, the sister of a man who was shot and killed by Milwaukee police. The incident set off a wave of rioting and looting.

Also CNN edited out Hillary calling the NYC bombings, “BOMBINGS” and then SLAMMED Trump for calling the bomb a “BOMB!”



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