Watch As Kid Spots Cop Eating Alone In Diner, Walks Up And Gives Him Something He’ll NEVER Forget


A video posted on social media showing a simple hug between a Fort Worth police officer and a 3-year-old boy is going viral and when you see it, you’ll know why!

Jamie Hubbard and her son TJ were at a McDonald’s last week celebrating her birthday when Office Anthony Colter arrived on his motorcycle – making him the coolest guy there.

She told “Fox and Friends” that her son loves motorcycles and was instantly interested in Colter.

TJ wanted to say hi and give the officer a hug!

“He said hi to him and we ate for a little while and then Officer Colter got him a sticker that had a police badge on it,” Hubbard said.

Colter said: “I gave him a sticker and told him ‘You’re my helper today, so you’ve got my back for the day. He came by to tell me that ‘I got your back and that I love you and support you’. It was a wonderful, wonderful day.”

Hubbard captured the sweet encounter on video and the Fort Worth Police Department shared in on Facebook.

Take a look!

So what did officer Colter have to say about this?

“I was honored and I was humbled because we see a lot of bad stuff, but to see him, so sincere and such a thoughtful gesture – it made it a wonderful day,” he said.

And the proud mommy said, “It makes me feel great. These kids can sense when someone is good, nice and friendly. It’s something that they have when they’re born with (and) we do our best to make sure continue to have that and learn to respect and love those that are serving this country and serving our communities.”

Watch the report via “Fox and Friends!”

WOW! How awesome is that!

Kudos to Mom, TJ and Officer Colter!

Stay safe out there BLUE! We have your 6!




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