Watch As Man Confronts Homeless VETERAN Stealing From His Car, FLOORED By His Response

This is an absolutely wonderful story about a homeless veteran that shows what awesome people they are. We owe our freedom to our heroes and what you are about to witness is seriously heartwarming.

A man, known only by the name Ryan decided to do a ‘social experiment’ in which he places a wad of cash on the dashboard of his car and observe how people react.

He parked the car in several locations and different types of neighborhoods and the results of the experiment speak volumes about how people react to getting ‘free money.’

The video shows that virtually every single person that saw the money decided to steal the money. In the wealthy ares where Ryan parked the car, businessmen can be seen reaching into the car and pocketing the money.

In ghetto areas the same thing happens. Thugs reach right in and help themselves to  the loot.

But one man stands out in this experiment.

A homeless veteran named Paul was the only man to do something that no other would do- he put the money safely into the glovebox of the car.

The two men got to talking and Ryan saw that this veteran- a hero- was proud of our country and our military. The veteran let Ryan know that he was proud to serve our country.

Out of all the people that were involved in the ‘experiment’, our veteran was the most needy. Homeless and hungry, he still decided to do the right thing. Absolutely awesome.

Ryan told the veteran that he wanted to give him the $100 and wanted to take him out for some dinner.

The American hero began to cry and was extremely grateful that SOMEONE wanted to help him. He served our country and has been treated like a dog by Obama’s Administration.

Obama will feed and house illegal Mexicans and potential terrorists in the form of ‘refugees’ while he let’s our veterans remain homeless and starving and without the care that they deserve.

America is in decline, thanks to our Muslim-in-Chief. He hates America. He hates our military. He HATE YOU AND THE KENYAN HATES ME!!!


Actually, the White House should probably be demolished and rebuilt. Who really knows what he has done in there?


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God Bless.

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