Watch As Minimum Wage WHINERS Invade Fast-Food Restaurant, TICKED When Worker Does THIS


The fight for what activists are calling a “living wage” continues to rage on, and activists are taking it to entirely new levels in demanding they be paid $15 an hour for low-skilled, entry-level jobs across the country. The front of the battle seems to be at fast-food restaurants, and when a group of protesters invaded one in Texas, they never expected to receive one employee’s response.

A group of protesters from the “Fight for $15” so-called “movement” invaded a Texas Taco Bell intent on disrupting those working their tails off to try to get ahead – people who have zero say in what the minimum wage is. However, as they attempted to garner support for their cause from the workers, one stood up and told them exactly what to do with their nonsense – take it elsewhere.

One of the demonstrators told the female employee that their group was participating in a “day of action” for those with minimum skillsets making minimum wage, but she wasn’t having any of it. She replied sharply that “This is also a job that I am trying to do.”

“Y’all are hindering my work; you may leave the building,” she added.

Boom! Not quite the response they expected, it’s safe to say. These protesters probably thought they could get the workers in there to go on strike that instant, but instead were hit with a dose of reality – most people do value their jobs.

What these idiotic protesters fail to realize is that if they’re successful in raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, they’re going to do far more harm than good. Why? Because businesses don’t have money to just throw around, so either layoffs will come, hours will be cut, or prices will go up as a result. Or, in the worst case scenario, all of the above will happen.


Regardless, eventually their artificially increased wages won’t be worth anything more than their $7.50 an hour was worth last week, since as the market corrects itself, prices will undoubtedly go up across the board. So basically, what “feels” good now will do nothing to lift people out of poverty, as these activists claim they want to do, and will do everything to harm the impoverished.

That’s the problem when you run off feelings rather than reason and logic – the right thing to do doesn’t always feel the best, and the right thing to do here is to get people to realize you only get out of life what you put into it, which means working hard and striving to get ahead, not complaining you’re not making enough money while doing nothing to be worth more money.


God Bless.

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God Bless.

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