Watch As Nasty Michelle Obama Takes Over Stage And Makes DISGUSTING Statement

The classless former first ‘lady’ Michelle Obama trashed President Trump, America and any woman that voted for President Trump at a pathetic conference held in Boston on Wednesday. Yeah, she thinks she’s relevant but in reality she is absolutely nothing but an angry, racist pile of crap. 

She leveled harsh criticism Wednesday at women who voted for President Trump, suggesting they voted against their best interests.

Oh yeah, Trump is so damned anti-woman- give me a freaking break.


“Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,” Obama told the audience during a talk at a marketing conference in Boston, according to

She went on to suggest female voters for Trump were just going with the pack.

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“It doesn’t say much about Hillary, and everybody’s trying to worry about what it means for Hillary and no, no, no what does this mean for us as women?” she asked, as reported by the Washington Times. “That we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, ‘He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ To me that just says, you don’t like your voice. You just like the thing you’re told to like.”


Can you believe that garbage? Did these people actually pay money to be insulted by this angry hag?

She just totally disrespected a huge part of the female population in America. Exit polls show that 41 percent of women voted for Trump in November.

Obama, who campaigned for Clinton during the 2016 election, was speaking as a part of Inbound, a sales and marketing conference.

Obama said she doesn’t miss being in the White House, though she does miss the “people and the work.” The process taught her that she can do anything, she told the audience.

Yeah, like force school kids to eat pig slop. Oh and take endless vacations that cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.

When talking directly about Trump, Obama took a different tone, Fox News reported.

“We want him to be successful. He was elected,” she said, referring to her and former President Barack Obama’s hopes for the current president. “When you’ve been in that position, you have a different perspective.”

Her former president husband, though, has been stepping up his criticism of Trump lately, including taking to Facebook to blast the decision to roll back his DACA executive action for so-called “dreamers.”

Then she bashed men, even though this reporter believes she was born a man.

“How many of us have sat in a classroom somewhere and watched a man go on and on and on?” she told the women in the audience.

Uh… So your teacher was a man and you are bitching about it? Give us all a freaking break!

Here’s a sample. Look at the lame way this liberal tweeted- LMAO!

‘s message to women: Find & use your voice. Your words don’t need to be perfect. Don’t be silenced.

Good lord, give me a break. How lame can you get?

Anyways, there it is. What a mess.




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