WATCH As Obama Goes FULL HITLER In NAZI Style Speech- Calls For The ERADICATION Of Trump Supporters


[ICYMI] Barack Hussein Obama is an angry pile of MARXIST GARBAGE.

He divided the country with his slick talk and radical agenda.

He brought back racism and created a hatred of our LAW ENFORCEMENT and the very foundations that our great country- AMERICA was built on.

The radical far left Kenyan ruined our great country.

Now, the dude who basically came out of nowhere and was president for 8 long, disastrous years is attacking those of us that love our country and support our great president DONALD J. TRUMP.

While making appearances for democrat candidates he is spewing lies, garbage and hatred everywhere he goes.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Over the weekend Barack Obama proved once again that he is the most divisive and hate-filled president in American history who lied so much that his words became meaningless by the time he left office.

Obama campaigned for Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on Saturday.

Obama attacked Trump supporters as insurrectionists and repeated the same boring Democrat talking points in his 30 minute speech on Saturday.

Obama told Democrat supporters in Virginia Trump supporters are the greatest threat to democracy in America today.

Well Hussein- you can go F YOURSELF.

At one point Obama stuttered as he attacked Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Obama became angrier and angrier as he got toward the end of his speech.

“We ain’t got time to be tired!” Obama shouted.


What a freaking a-hole!

From The Beltway Report:

On Monday bestselling author Eric Metaxas joined Steve Cortes to discuss Barack Obama’s latest disgusting attacks on American parents.

Steve Cortes: A culture war started in the ’90s and then massively accelerated with Barack Obama as President of the United States. Isn’t it rich then that this very man is the one is now lecturing us because the right is now starting to fight back, and telling us we shouldn’t be engaging in this culture war that he started?

Eric Metaxas: Well, I wanted to start on a moderate note but I have failed because here is what I am going to say – Him saying that is as if Adolf Hitler said we need to put an end to antisemitism. Enough. If Hitler said something like that you wouldn’t think it was funny, you wouldn’t think it was hypocritical, you’d think it was evil. It’s a level of lying that unfortunately rises to evil. It is so despicable that a president who was profoundly divisive, I mean as divisive as it gets… They have been caught trying to promote cultural Marxism in America, trying to destroy the country. They have been in bed with China. When he pretends to care about the COVID pandemic… I think eight years of Obama convinced us that there’s not a syllable of truth in anything he says.’


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