Watch As Resident Ordered To Remove American Flag… Then His Name Got Out And Changed The Whole Story



A Colorado man sought to decorate the balcony of his apartment with the American Flag for the upcoming Independence Day holiday.  Interestingly enough, he happens to share a name with one of the United States Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams.

The management of Sterling Heights apartment complex in Greely, CO has demanded that he remove the flag from his apartment’s balcony railing.  He stated that he would rather face eviction than remove the Stars and Stripes.

Naturally, Adams was outraged and took to social media to express his anger and disdain for the demand he received.  He recorded and posted a video to YouTube and Facebook of him reading aloud the notice he received from his apartment complex —-

“Please do not clutter with personal belongings. Balconies and patios must be maintained in a neat, clean and attractive condition,” the notice read, in part.

“We really try hard to keep a nice, neat community and are diligent about our efforts to keep uniformity in appearance in the areas visible to others,” manager Amie Robertshaw told The Tribune newspaper in an email. The management further stated that they have no issue with residents flying the American flag, but they do have a strict policy regarding what can or cannot be hung from the balconies.


“I have never done anything like this before,” Adams told the Tribune. “But it was the right time and it was the right moment. I wanted to be a patriotic American and give tribute to our Founding Fathers and our veterans, and to have (management) say the flag is inappropriate or comparable to trash is reprehensible to me.”

Adams’ father served in the U.S. Navy as a dentist and his grandfather served as a surgeon in the US Army during World War I.  He has received massive support from the community, veterans, and military families regarding his refusal to back down and submit to this demand that to Adams’ is a direct disrespect to all the sacrifice the U.S. military does to maintain the freedoms Americans enjoy today.


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