WATCH as Sen. Kennedy Absolutely RIPS Biden To Shreds In ONLY The Way He Can Do It

Sen. Kennedy on Biden’s Foreign Policy: ‘Weakness Invites The Wolves’

(USA Features) Sen. John Kennedy offered some foreign policy advice to President Joe Biden during a Wednesday interview in which he suggested that the administration’s approach thus far has been one of “weakness.”

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, the Louisiana Republican intimated that thus far, the Biden administration’s approach to some of the country’s biggest competitors including China, Russia, and Iran, has been underwhelming, which he said will only lead the leaders of those countries to press what they see as an advantage.

“[Biden] keeps talking about rule-based order. I don’t know what that means. Nobody’s opposed to a rules-based order,” Kennedy said.

“That would be like opposing Golden Retrievers, but I don’t know what it means. The question he needs to be asking is what does American want from its foreign policy,” he continued.

“I know what I want. I want a foreign policy that helps create an America in which people can continue to prosper and Americans can live their lives as they see fit and as a moral principle, I want that for every other country,” the Louisiana Republican continued.

“How do you achieve that? Two rules,” he said.

“Number one, don’t be a bully, and number two, don’t tolerate bullies. I’m talking about Iran and Russia and China,” he added.

“How do you achieve that? Weakness invites the wolves. The reason bullies fear us is because America is the strongest country militarily in all of human history. We’re also the wealthiest country in all of human history,” Kennedy added.


“We need to maintain it. President Biden is undermining it. He’s proposing massive tax increases, which will destroy wealth. He spent and is proposing to spend trillions of dollars that we don’t have on things we don’t need,” he said.

Kennedy also noted that Biden wants to reduce military spending which he opposes because of what he sees as several emerging threats.

“Number two. He’s proposing to cut the military. We need to be increasing our military spending,” said Kennedy.

“Number three, six months ago, Sean, we were on a glide path as a country to energy independence. President Biden stopped that for sure. Number four, he needs to tell his people to stop apologizing for America. We have nothing to apologize for.

“We’re not perfect, but we are good,” he said.

Kennedy went on to reference recent cyberattacks and ransomware attacks aimed at American corporations and critical infrastructure while it appears as though there’s been no serious response from the administration.

“The cyberattacks have continued. He needs to hit Putin with a serious cyber attack. Two wrongs don’t make it right, but they do make it even,” he said.

The Louisiana lawmaker said that the Biden administration should strike up a new trade agreement “with Taiwan.”

“Woah! That will get China’s attention, and number two, he needs to publicly back Australia. Australia has tried to stand up to China,” he noted further.

“China is boycotting all Australian goods, and Australia sends a lot of its exports to China. We need to come to the aid of Australia, and we need to speak loudly and clearly and tell the European Union we expect their help,” said the senator.

This article originally appeared at USA FEATURES MEDIA.

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