WATCH As White House Kills Video Feed Of DEMENTED Biden When He Starts Doing THIS Strange Thing, WTF?!


Can you imagine a President of The United States that is so out of touch with reality that his handlers have to babysit him and control what he says whenever cameras are around?


Such a President would be incompetent, an embarrassment as well as obviously unfit for office and the whole world would know it.

Well, that’s exactly what we have- a clueless demented senile puppet named JOE BIDEN.

Biden’s handlers must be exhausted daily, trying to control what comes out of his mouth, nap time, ice cream and play time sure do wear Biden out and when he gets on camera, he starts to slip up on what is going on behind the Nazi curtain the regime he works for has created over America.

As Breitbart explains,  White House staff cut the video feed during a briefing in Boise, Idaho, with federal and state fire officials on Monday, while President Joe Biden was in the middle of a sentence.

The president visited the National Interagency Fire Center to highlight the dangers of wildfires in the West. Biden also touted his Build Back Better agenda before officials briefed him on the federal/state partnerships and provided recommendations for future policy.

“Can I asked you a question?” Biden said during the briefing, after officials talked about how various factors, including “climate change,” are making conditions worse on the ground.

“One of the things, that uh, I’ve been working on with some others is —” Biden said before White House staff cut the feed.

The White House knew that demented Biden was about ready to stick his foot in his mouth once more and was doing damage control.


The destruction of America? Maybe he was about to spill his guts on Marxism and the radical lefts agenda to eradicate freedom and protected rights.

Let’s be honest here, whatever Biden was about to slip up and say, must have scared his handlers bad enough that they cut his feed and got him away from cameras.

Americans should be demanding to know what in the hell is really going on and why The White House continues to use Biden as a puppet.

Pelosi and Obama are running this shit show right now and Biden is just their meatsack to appease the scared sheep but he has no actual authority other than what the regime allows him to have.

That is not “conspiracy” theory, because this is not the first time it has happened and the facts are the evidence!

Breitbart continued: Biden left Idaho to visit California, where he was set to talk further about wildfires and how his build Back Better Agenda will reportedly strengthen the nation’s resilience to climate change and extreme weather events. The president is also expected to deliver remarks at a campaign rally with Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) ahead of Tuesday’s recall election.

White House staff has cut the video feed during briefings at least twice before (see here and here). Last week, a Politico report revealed how White House staffers privately switch off or mute Biden’s public appearances out of anxiety. However, no explanation for public feed cuts has been given.

Biden also earlier in the year while on camera, turned to the side and looked at someone and babbled about,  “Nance” whether he should take questions, which was then cut off as well.

People are hoping that voting will remove the Marxist power control but it was voting that gave them the power and control they currently have!

It was voting fraud and most Americans damn well know it and yet have remained, for the most part, silent and tolerant of the destruction of the nation.



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