WATCH: Badass Female MARINE Get’s Threatened With DEATH By Cowardly Scumbag- HUGE MISTAKE


All the branches of the military tend to have a rivalry and talk smack on each other constantly. If you’ve never served in the military and are looking at it from the outside in it probably looks a hell of a lot worse than it is.

At the end of the day we are all branches of the same family and I can tell you that I’d take a bullet for any one of them any day.

Getting in the middle of a rivalry is probably a lot like trying to get in the middle of a dog fight…if you’re the outsider you’re gonna have both dogs on you very quickly…then we will go and buy each other drinks.

Seriously, most of us respect anyone who is willing to serve their nation, no matter the branch.

Regardless of which branch you enlisted under,  it sucks the big one to have to be far from home working long hours for shit pay and put up with more office politics than the average cube farm dweller will ever see in a career.

We who served are a a breed of our own, a family of our own all-be-it a dysfunctional one, but we savagely have each other’s 6 and when a civilian openly threatens one of us with severe violence, we stand united.

Crys Philips is a female Marine who served 9 years in the Corps and served 9 years in the Army and a loving mother of 2.

Philips had to be medvac’d in 2006-2007 in Iraq, a warfighter who loves her nation and brothers and sisters in uniform.

Philips made a FB post that was about Marine vs. Army smack talk, afterwards a wannabe tough guy on FB who clearly desires to be FB popular, started to verbally slander and insult Philips, degrading her as a woman and a military vet.

Philips has friends on her FB page, including myself and when she showed the screenshots from this pathetic wannabe, her friends jumped to her defense.

This all started when Crystal Philips posted a meme cracking a joke at the Army and Hodges commented on how disrespectful and trashy it was.

It quickly escalated into Hodges losing his temper and threatening Philips and others on her FB, simply because Hodges does not understand, we vets have earned the right to hammer at each other and other branches of service.

It is an age old rivalry between branches and one we embrace with a wicked humor and at times, extreme.

At the end of the day, we are all soldiers and stand united, we just happen to have a very warped humor and tend to be dysfunctional in a badass way, of course.

Now, I understand that some civilians do not understand nor approve of our dysfunctional humor, honestly, I dont care!  Freedom on!

Previously we reported and provided Hodges video where the cheese fell off his cracker, so to speak and Hodges goes full retard and threatens violence on military vets.  The simpleton just cannot help himself and he keeps posting videos going off on Philips and any who attempt to educate him on reality.

Needless to say, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and is at it again!

The scumbag who threatened to smash a female Marines head in and every military vet he comes across, is at it again and he gets truly mental yet again.

Hodges continues to slander and insult as well as threaten Crys Philips and other’s, I even made his temper tantrum list!

Hodges even brandishes a handgun and talks about his “Concealed deadly weapons permit” that Homeland security themselves granted him.  I laughed so hard at this point I had tears in my eyes, Hodges clearly has delusions of self importance and is a obviously a narcissist.

Bobby Hodges has some serious mental issues and his continued threats and attacks towards Philips and military vets, is escalating and he needs to be “addressed”.

He clearly has 0 valor, 0 honor and 0 respect and he seriously has no idea about military brotherhood and how we have each other’s 6.

Philips has received an out pouring from the veteran community as well as civilian community in support and defense of her against the whack job known as Bobby Hodges.

There is a sanctity and fraternity to military brotherhood (male or female) that is nearly impermeable.

This tight-knit bond and unwavering trust serves as a valuable survival skill and creates lifelong bonds that are almost unimaginable to those of us who have not walked in your boots.

“During our basic military training (boot camp, basic training, etc.) we learned to trust the soldiers to our left and right, throughout our service we learn to trust people from various backgrounds and cultural beliefs.  The bonds of brotherhood formed here will last for life.”~Army Drill Instructor

What Bobby Hodges has done is threaten a close community of military vets, a community he has 0 understanding of and 0 respect for.

Hodges has insulted, threatened and spit upon our vets, that includes those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.  When someone attacks and threatens one of our own, they attack and threatens us all who wore the uniform.

What people tend to either not know or forget, is that just because we no longer wear the uniform, does not mean we are not soldiers.

We swear an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Once we go through initial entry training and move from being an individual to part of a team we are forever changed.

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