Here is what happens when you are garbage marching into Texas! Enjoy the video!


Video by Ronald Hinton

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  1. David Carmichiel says:

    makes me feel good to be an american to see so many proud people tell a bunch of out of town nigger agitators to get the fuck out of dodge by sundown

    • you sir are scum

    • Arthur Lockley says:

      You can’t run Jesus outta town because the Jesus you pray too is a Nigger too!

      • the Jesus I know and pray to is Jesus of Nazareth, and he was a Jew.
        As far as everyone throwing out this N* word, I don’t believe any person fits the hateful meaning of that word. However, the OP David Carmichiel does fit the nigger meaning of “Idiot and Ignorant.”

        • Christopher Ross says:

          The original Hebrews were African, the Jews you see today are usurpers there only until an appointed time, the Bible calls them out, saying they claim to be Jews but are not, they’re the synagogue of Satan! Africans were sold into slavery by family and other tribe also folks dear to them… Jesus was sold out for a slave’s wage 30 pieces of silver…. Slaves were put on an auction block to be viewed by wealthy buyers who would make decisions on their lives… Jesus was put on the block to hear folks make decisions on his life as well… Slaves were beaten with whips… Jesus was beaten with a whip… Blacks were and are still hung from trees, in the Bible states Jesus was hung from a tree, need I go on?

      • Carl Butcher says:

        FK Racist ! How does it feel to be second to a white man ? I bet you hate it even more when you see a black woman on a white man’s arm ? Knowing that she sleeps nice in bed at night with his loving white arms around her !

      • ebooksdog says:

        Nigger does not mean black it means trashy jesus is not trashy

      • MZAZ86442i says:

        He wasn’t African, Russian, Greek, Mexican etc. JESUS was a JEW

      • Th3Und3rpa1d_majority says:

        Jesus was NOT white nor was he a black . Me the white guy and you the black guy pray to a brown guy from the town of Bethlehem… But that don’t matter because there is no color in heaven. Race only goes as far as death. afterwards you are judged not by race but what is in your heart. These racist White men calling Blacks Niggers are just that, sir… Niggers. and when they (the ignorant white man) walk up to those Pearly gates thinking they are superior because the KKK told them Jesus was white with blue eyes and dirty blond hair will get the rudest of all awakenings when they find out the man they pray too is of the race of divinity.. it has no color..

    • black panthers are used to cruising in and taking over. It just warms my heart and restores my faith in AMERICANS to see what they got in Texas!!! So sick of PC and everyone else having rights but us. Time for the tide to turn!!

    • Christopher Ross says:

      It’s pretty pathetic to hear a bunch of privileged ass holes sit around and type a bunch of disgusting and derogatory shit about another race just because they want to be treated as human beings, white people are actually the most violent most vile creatures walking the earth… You have a God complex which is a view shared all around the world. You’ve raped every woman of every race now you’re habitually raping and killing your own kids. You claim to be Christians but don’t practice what Christianity preaches, according to what the Bible says you’ll be outside the gates with the dogs. I really don’t care what you say here because it doesn’t affect me at the least. You’ll never stop the things that’s going to happen, they’re inevitable, so rally, walk around with guns, shout racial slurs, you’ll have to deal with God at the end.

      • HugginonBubba says:

        LOL wut?

      • Allow me to understand something…
        You’re stating that “White people have a god complex” which clearly indicates that you’re not white, yet you’re trying to say that we think we are superior which is an underhanded way of trying to insinuate that you’re superior to us. You’re calling people “privileged assholes” when you don’t know them at all, which in turn tells us that you think of yourself as privileged, and the fact that you’re making that statement turns you into an asshole.
        You’re complaining about white men raping? As if to say every race doesn’t deal with rape? You’re complaining about the values that are related to Christianity, but odds are you don’t know the first thing about what it takes to be a Christian, and then you go on to state “according to what the Bible says you’ll be outside the gates with the dogs” According to what the Bible states what you just stated will put you right there with them.
        “I don’t care what you say here because it doesn’t affect me at the least” I believe you meant IN the least, and if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have felt the need to voice your completely under educated opinion.

        I’m sorry, but to say “Walk around with Guns, shout racial slurs, you’ll have to deal with God at the end” right after stating “it’s pretty pathetic to hear a bunch of privileged ass holes sit around and type a bunch of disgusting and derogatory shit about another race” would put you again standing right next to the people you’re attempting to slander.
        You sir, are a bigot, a facist, and a dumb ass.

        I however am a Christian, and I still accept you, although I do feel you’re wrong, it’s not MY place to tell you unless I know for certain you are, and what you’ve proven to me tells me that you unequivocally wrong, sir.
        You’re slandering a race that’s slandering a race, and saying it’s wrong to slander a race…That’s just ignorance, ignorance, as per the dictionary is categorically the same as a nigger (by definition of course.) This is, what unfortunately puts your persons into this category. Not the “white man” you. You do it to yourselves. I call mexicans, whites, blacks and asians niggers when they’re being fucking retarded. Because by definition the term is for someone exhibiting extreme amounts of ignorance.

        I am not a “White man” I’m a European import just like most of the other civilization in America currently. I’m very well educated, and although I did grow up in the “country” I’m not some huge truck and tire muddin hog tying goat roping shit kicker two steppin cowboy, but I am someone that firmly believes in the rights that I fought wars to protect, and grew up investing value into when i was younger, and I will do anything it takes to protect those rights as WELL as anything to protect my MEXICAN, and BLACK FAMILY MEMBERS.

        Just because someone is of a certain creed, nationality, ethnicity, or skin color doesn’t mean they’re “par for the course” in that they’re just like everyone that they resemble. Your entire statement to white people would be the same as me telling you that “All black people look like Samuel L Jackson” even though we know it’s not true.

        In short, get the fuck off your high horse, focus on yourself, and stop worrying about the imperfections of the world around you when you’re not even adult enough to fully comprehend what the hell you’re doing yourself.

      • If this were true, there would be no other races. The others would have been eliminates long ago.

      • MZAZ86442i says:

        ROTFFLMFAO WOW, what slow boat did you just come in on??? WTF are you talking about??? Who rapes who???? Isn’t the Muslims the ones beheading, burning alive, raping and scaring men, women and children because they are Christians????? Hell, they do it for fun. They don’t care if people are Muslim, Christian etc. If I’m outside the gates with the dogs, then I’ll be in good company. I have lost a lot of dogs in the past 67 years so I guess we will be reunited….

      • There are many African Americans in Texas who are decent, law abiding, hardworking people. The New Black Panther Party folks and Nation of Islam folks are bullcrap. They don’t work or contribute to society. They are imports from Chicago, New York, and Baltimore. Texans are not going to let anyone come to their fine state and allow carpetbaggers to destroy their property or cause disruption. Take it back home where the PC liberals allow it to happen and pull the police back so they can destroy businesses and take jobs from law-abiding people who just want to make a descent living and raise their kids in peace.

      • You’re a moron. Nation of Islam believes the Whites were created by some mad black scientist and that all whites are “blue eyed devils” (beliefs that only prove they’re stupid). And we’re supposed to just let them bring their hate and anti-American propaganda to our neighborhoods? I don’t think so…

      • John Best says:

        If you don’t care, why take time to write up a hate filled racial rant which is so full of fallicies that even an obama spokesman couldn’t defend it???

      • Solarflare The Magnificent says:

        So will you asshole, go back to Chicago.

      • Gary Nelson Wood says:

        Hmm, sounds like you are describing the black mentality. Pretty much all you mention have and are being done by blacks, the biggest racist that exist. You know about throwing the first stone?

  2. Adam Czapski says:

    Wow, I like Texas 😀
    Maybe there’s still a future for civilized people after all.

  3. I love Texas.!!!

  4. Jeffrey Coffelt says:

    I love it run those worthless thugs out of town or lynch them !

  5. Stopthecrying says:

    White people are FINALLY standing up!! This is going to get interesting!! I love TX!!!!

  6. Alan Gray says:

    This was Pasadena, Texas a few years back, will be interesting to see today in North Dallas!

  7. Dig deeper people. This mentality is being brought into our schools on a daily basis by private businesses disguised as promoting health, wellness and education. Just last month I ran into one taking money from our schools for their children’s program with one hand, and giving their money and support to Rev Sharpton IN OUR SCHOOLS with the other hand. http://adventuretofitness.com/node/12656

  8. I saw this before, it’s from 2007. Please post new relevant stuff.

  9. FrankHerbert says:

    if people only did this to their traitorous ‘representatives’ from washington

  10. Burnt Meatballs says:

    Terrorist groups aren’t welcomed in Texas.

  11. Linda J. Figurski says:

    Texas is showing us how to get it done!! Push them race baiters out of town and don’t let up until they leave. Take note America and grow some will ya!

  12. PaulBrosamJr says:

    This is an old clip, I saw a long time back. This is not the current situation in McKinney, Texas.

  13. that is an old video that took place months ago, and has no relevance to the McKinny problems of today

  14. William Matthes says:

    Way to go Texas! Let the black panthers and nation of islam take their hate and evil to some other country!


  16. Marc Sierra says:

    I know some of my misguided black friends will hate me for saying this and may even call me racist. Too bag my bagg of fucks is emty today. If this would have been a few white people gone into a black neighborhood, they woyuld have been murdered. The cars and surroundings would have been a disster area. If you guys are so pationate about “black lives” and how much they matter, then go to the neighborhoods that are experiencing black on black crime. Blacks are killing blacks by the dozens. I know that would require that you have integrity and BALLS. You lack both.

  17. AnnaGraceS says:

    Bawahahahaha DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!!

  18. Karen Johnson Gray says:

    We do want the likes of those who do not respect pprivate property and businesses, we can deal with those Officers who we think have done wrong all by ourselves the proper way, most of our Officers treat us all as equals and we do not need this crap in Texas “Black Lives Matter” We say ALL LIVES MATTER!

  19. Paul C. Shugrue says:

    Remember the time these individuals marched into South Chicago, West Baltimore,.South Bronx, Newark and Camden to help put a stop to black-on-black murder? Right! Neither do I.

  20. Joseph Pietrouchie says:

    Hopefully the Black Panthers learned a lesson about making the threats they have been making. In this demonstration , we saw a microcosm of what could happen, in the future. There is a very large white force out there, that will be forced to rise up, if these over the brink blacks keep agitating, and threatening for causes that are not very justified. Because I fear, and both sides should (as the split is widening) there will be a huge, overwhelming back lash , against the blacks. Then all here is going to break out. Because overwhelming numbers always wins out. Hope we never get to that point. And , I hope the press that keeps pushing an agenda. will be partially responsible for it. Keep following this President and his team, every time they jump in without knowing all the facts, the press backs them.

  21. Thomas Wayne Vogt says:

    And i guarantee they went thinking we will show them whites acting tough… see what happens when you bring your racist intolerant asses around true Americsns

  22. Martin Fisher says:

    “Dem niggas b cra-z” (quoting my son, and no damned racebaiting son of a bitch is going to stop me from quoting my son)

  23. Average Joe says:

    Seamed they were in A hurry to leave. Can’t figure out why.

  24. I had just written “Don’t mess with Texas”. This really brings it home. Makes me wish I were from Texas! You Texans sure know how to make a few muslims and black panthers feel at home…I mean GO HOME! That just restored my faith in our country!!

  25. You have to be a special kind of retard to chant “USA! USA! USA!” while trying to block a lawful peaceful march.

  26. How can you call yourselves patriots and use a Confederate battle flag as your logo?
    You are some confused people.

  27. Olddood Chaffe says:

    What exactly was the purpose of all of the Black Leaders going into this Neighborhood in the first Place. I know blacks work just as hard for their homes, at least some do, Just like the Whites work for their homes. If there purpose was to same the Rednecks into a fight, we you did not achieve the desired effect. You were just out Red-necked by a group of FREEDOM Loving Americans !!!!! Texans to boot ! Get over it and Move Along !!!!!

  28. robertdavidhummel says:

    “””How to”… TAKE …ANY… prospering… civilized …WESTERN COUNTRY…
    …AND… TURN IT- INTO a “””DUST BOWL of DEATH and POVERTY””””…..
    “””””””JUST ADD ”’ISLAM”-aided and abetted by ‪#‎OBAMA‬ & ‪#‎KILLARY‬”””””””..

  29. prov6yahoo says:

    At least Whitey does not kill darkie when darkie comes to whitey’s neighborhood.

  30. patriotme says:

    Love you guys in Texas!!!!! Gives me hope!!

  31. Dave Youngman says:

    Dumbass muthas are calling for a RACE WAR and for them to be killin all the crackers they can find – women and babies included. Good thing WE aren’t quite there yet or their hacked up butts would have been scattered across a couple hundred sq miles of desert.

  32. Barry Gardner says:

    And who is out their keeping their collectives asses from getting kicked? The POLICE. Who they supposedly hate, unless they need them

  33. Not that I don’t enjoy this video, but I believe it was from a few years back at the Joe horn rally outside Houston.

  34. That’s the greatest fucking thing I have seen in a long time!

  35. MZAZ86442i says:


  36. The one thing i noticed the most over other demonstrations is that the people were not tearing up cars on the side of the road they were not burning buildings they were not throwing rocks bottles or sharp objects at the points of interest but they were voicing their opinions without any violence against the men that were walking down the street no one was hurt by any and i repeat any of the protesters and when they went back to their vehicles they were still there fully intact not a scratch on them. Maybe others can learn what a peaceful demonstration looks like.

  37. Adam Baumb says:

    Deer Park, Texas. Pasadena, Texas. Texas, by God. They could have brought 100 ghetto thugs down there and two dozen of the oil field workers living there would have asphalted the street with them. My homies. God bless you all.

  38. John Wilson says:

    That shit doesn’t fly in Texas! Go back to some liberal ass ran state and voice you’re stupid fucking opinion there. It’s funny how they can stand the police but need their protection, stupid hypocrites!

  39. They can get away with their BS up in the northeast. I warned them don’t go to Texas. You’ll get a good ole loving Texas welcome. They won’t put up with your sh*t.

  40. SickandTired says:

    I don’t know what else they would expect to encounter walking into a neighborhood, that doesn’t want to listen to anything they have to say!!

  41. SafetyDave says:

    They should have killed the NI@@ERS!

  42. Once again, Texas proves to be the only state left with any real balls. Just seeing those racist assholes get turned around and shut out made me love Texas all that much more!

  43. Doug Underwood says:

    It’s very simple. When you see dog shit, get rid of it. That goes for ALL these black, knuckle-dragging agitator groups, reverends and president. Period. These black motherfuckers cry about slavery, but EVERYTHING they have, in fact, their very existence is theirs because of WHITE PEOPLE. But then, they’re too fucking stupid to realize it. It isn’t the whites who haven’t progressed, it’s the blacks. Whites don’t riot just so they can steal and burn. Hell, when’s the last time whites rioted? The truth is there for anyone to see. You can take the savage out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of the savage. GOOD FOR YOU, TEXAS!!!!! Maybe whites will start standing up and saying no to this kind of bullshit on a regular basis, and stop letting these illiterate, unintelligent bastards have their way. Bring back segregation because these motherfuckers destroy everything they touch.

  44. doggmaninva says:

    I see the black kittys won’t as loud and obnoxious as usal

  45. April Shepherd says:

    Christopher Ross…hopefully you got checked in to the mental asylum alright. What Planet do you live on?

  46. John Best says:

    There were quite a few non Caucasian folks in the crowds showing displeasure with the nation of islam marchers. Also, I didn’t hear any racial comments. I did hear a lot of U.S.A. chants. In case all the division coming from obama and his turds has caused you to forget, the “U” stands for UNITED!

  47. This is the way it should be all over America, we need to stop these racist instigater`s.

  48. kathy kalb says:

    God Bless America! Love it or leave it!

  49. USA, love it or leave it. So good to see real Americans standing up to the commies and socialists.

  50. Panthers don’t seem welcome in Texas.

  51. Yeah, the assholes have Baltimore, Ferguson, etc. bullshitted. Come on into Texas assholes. This is why sharpton, obama, and screwy louie farrakahn don’t like the Lone Star State.Texas doesn’t have ass kissing mayors and prosecutors like Baltimore, NYC, and San Fran. Texans wouldn’t piss in their mouths if their guts were on fire.

  52. wonder if they felt threatened. sure was a short walk. did you see how they were dressed? surely are funded well. just goes to show you that you don’t screw with Texans. Good job people.

  53. Everyone's Page says:

    Being peaceful and protecting their own, I can deal with. But the moment they harm another human being that’s not their color is when we need to step in and fix that bullshit. I won’t hesitate to shoot a mother fucker.

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